Can't reconnect Amex

My Amex connection expired many weeks ago, and I’ve never been able to reconnect it.

When I attempt to reconnect, I receive a note in Snoop saying:
Before you get started…
I just want to let you know that American Express is having intermittent problems at the moment.
This means you may have difficulty connecting your American Express account.
We’re working with American Express to get this resolved as quickly as possible, so if you have any difficulties, please try again later.

This has been appearing for a fair while now. When I try and connect anyway, I get taken to the American Express authorisation page, but it’s just completely white and won’t load. Sounds like a problem on Amex’s end… is there any indication when this might be fixed?


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Hi @Ronan we’ve been chasing the US based Amex support team on this for many weeks now and it’s really disappointing it’s not been fixed already.

Whatever the problem is - it only impacts their mobile app. So a workaround for now is to temporarily offload/remove the Amex app from your phone and then tap on the reconnect button from within Snoop. This will take you to the Amex online banking site where the problem doesn’t happen.

We will chase Amex (again!) on this.



Hi Paul - just since this FYI is connected to this issue, posting it here.

  1. NewDay has the same message and issues - noting Snoop was the only app where NewDay app based reconnection ever worked (so that’s something)
  2. Capital One doesn’t have the issue noted at the reconnect screen…but reconnect fails in the app, and offload if required.

As the offload workaround is a total PITA, I’ve sadly not reconnected anything at this stage.

Hi @d4g - NewDay have also had some app problems but the good news is they started rolling out a fix across their brands last week. Over the next week or so, all brands should be working again - as soon as you get their latest app update.

We are not aware of any issues with Capital One right now, could you drop us a line from within the app and we will certainly get that checked and raised with them if needed?


Thanks - good to know and clever solution. Best of luck chasing them!

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Hi team,

I know there was a specific issue with Amex connections when this post started last year but I continue to have issues whenever I have to reconnect my Amex account.

I haven’t been able to reconnect Amex whilst having the Amex app installed on my phone for a looong time. It opens the Amex app but then just hangs permanently. Killing the app/tasks/restarting the phone makes no difference. So every 90 days I have to uninstall the Amex app, then reconnect Snoop (which works fine when the app isn’t installed) and then reinstall the Amex app. Whilst it’s a workaround, it’s getting increasingly irritating and indeed banking apps add more and more layers of security so re-installing a banking app every time is a real pain.

Any ideas? Am I the only one or is this a known issue?



Hi @charlwillis we’ve certainly had issues with Amex in the past. As the above thread demonstrates!

I believe you are an Android user and we are not aware of any specific problem with their app right now. I’ll do some digging on this.

In the meantime, one thing you could try is logging into our web app and reconnecting from there. A web based process should stop you having to do the steps you describe about deleting the app etc. Have you tried that before?


Hi @paul_k,

Thanks for your message. I’ve just tried this but it just directs me back to the app even from a browser on a different device and it still hangs.

Snoop on my laptop - reconnect Amex - shows me a QR code to scan - scanning it with my phone takes me to the Amex app on my phone - there it hangs…

Photos attached.



Hi @charlwillis sorry to hear that.

Next time you have a few minutes - could you try one thing different? On this screen, can you tap that bottom link to ‘log in from deskstop instead’ and that should take you to the web based process?

We have also raised the query with Amex about their app not working as expected.