Amex not adding

Amex not working. It wouldn’t update earlier then the app removed it. When I try to add, amex says card is added and I’ll be directed but nothing in the snoop app itself?

Hi @Am3012 - it’s not possible for our app to remove an account. The only way an account can be removed is by selecting an option in the app itself.

We don’t have any known or general issue connecting with Amex at the moment and I can see regular connections/reconnections for today and the last few days. I think you’ve emailed us on this and we are trying to resolve this for you via that channel.


Hi Paul,

After having some emails with the fantastic team at snoop, my Amex is finally added back! Although this morning it isn’t refreshing my balance - last updated at 4 am. I have emailed the team again to have a look - seems to be some sort of issue with Amex but I am sure it’ll get sorted.

Otherwise a Great app and reading other posts it’s about to get a whole lot better!

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