Who Paid?

Our current account is a joint account and I would like to track who paid for the transaction or who it’s associated to. Whether it’s junk I bought or my wife, or if it’s just a bill (both).

Hi @Prizlers

What you can do to track payments like this is to set up custom categories for the transactions that aren’t bills, as then you can keep an eye on your spending per category. These can be set up by finding the transaction you want to categorise and selecting it, then tapping on the default category such as shopping. Here you will then be given a list of other default categories or if you scroll down you can add a custom category. Please be aware that on the free version of Snoop the number of custom categories is limited, but if you take out Snoop Plus you have an unlimited amount. Bills are tracked under their own section Your Bills, so if you setup all of your bills here then you can also keep track of them month by month.

I hope this helps, but if you have any further queries please do not hesitate to reach out either here or via our email hello@snoop.app

All the best,