Snoop Plus Free trial

Excited to try out Snoop Plus, and I’ve already added my fourth and fifth custom categories - hooray!

But I also created one by mistake. Is there any way to edit/delete categories once they’re created in Snoop Plus?



Hey @charlwillis

So pleased to hear you’ve been busy creating more categories! :partying_face:We can’t wait to hear what you think of some of our upcoming new features.

As for the custom categories, you can absolutely delete them if you need to.

First, find the custom category within Spend Analysis (it’s usually simplest to tab across to the ‘All Time’ view of Spend Analysis, and then scroll down until you see the category in the list). Then tap on the category.

You should see 3 dots in the top right corner of the screen - tap these to bring up the option to delete.

Please let me know if you have any trouble along the way :slightly_smiling_face:

All the very best,

Tom :snoop:

Thanks @tom.player! Great news I can delete them too!

I don’t have any transactions in the category though because its wrong so it doesn’t appear in my list of categories in my all time Spend Analysis for me to then be able to delete. So do I have to assign the wrong category to a transaction to then see it in the list, to then delete it? What happens to the now orphaned transaction?

Sorry @charlwillis, I misunderstood you first time around!

You’re absolutely right - if you don’t have any transactions in the custom category right now, you’ll first need to navigate to a transaction and assign it to that category.

Then you should be able to follow the steps above to delete it. :muscle:

Once the category deletion is complete, the transaction will return to the category it was in before you recategorised it.


Thanks @tom.player.

This seems a bit fiddly to do: find a transaction, deliberately move it into an incorrect category, then go to Spend Analysis, find the incorrect category, go in and delete it, go back and find the transaction (which by the way, went back into General and not into it’s previous category which had been Shopping), and then reassign the correct category again. There must be an easier way of doing this?!

I agree - unfortunately this is the only way to delete an empty category at the moment, but that’s great feedback and I’ll make sure we discuss an improvement with the team in due course.

And thank you for mentioning that your transaction didn’t go back to the category it should have - we’ll definitely look into that! :face_with_monocle:

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Thanks @tom.player!

How does 1 join this trial? And does it allow you to add offline balances where they don’t support open banking (to see overall networth as an aim)

Hi Simon - you’re very welcome to join the Free Trial :relaxed:

If you can drop us a line at we can get that set up you for. There’s a waiting list at the moment but hopefully it won’t take long to get you in.

We’ll be dropping new features into the trial app over the next 6 weeks and one of those will be the ability to add manual/offline accounts.


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Hey all - conscious that we haven’t done much explaining about the Snoop Plus free trial so just wanted to put a little bit more information here.

We’re excited to be launching Snoop Plus in the new year and want to give all of our customers an opportunity to try out the new features before the subscription starts for those who want to sign-up! (there is no obligation to do so and there will always be an amazing free version of Snoop to use). We’ll be dropping new features between now and the end of the year for everyone to try.

The first feature in the free trial app is unlimited custom categories so we have only been in touch with those that have already hit the category limit (3) but we’re almost ready for the next feature drop.

The list of features that are in Snoop Plus are:

\ 32x32 Track from payday to payday
Sync all the info and analysis in Snoop to a monthly cycle of your choice.
\ 32x32 One-off spending report
Create a spending report showing the accounts and date range you want to see.
\ 32x32 Filter spending analysis
See merchant and category spending for one account or any combination of your connected accounts.
\ 32x32 Add accounts manually
Add info for those accounts you can’t connect to Snoop so you can see a true picture of your money in the app.
\ 32x32 Net worth
Select from the accounts you’ve connected or added manually and track your overall net worth figure.
\ 32x32 Spending alerts
Set Snoop up to alert you when your spending goes over a certain amount or frequency.
\ 32x32 Refund alerts
Track a refund you’re expecting and Snoop will let you know if it does or doesn’t arrive.

We’ll be inviting all of customers to sign-up for the free trial when we drop our next set of features, but if you’d like to signup before then just drop us a line at

looking forward to hear what everyone thinks of Snoop Plus,



Hi, How do you change the Payday date?

Hi there @Ntowns - this feature isn’t available in Snoop Plus just yet but will be in a couple of weeks.

We’ll let you know as soon as its live.


Hi team,

I’m already in the Trial but this evening, I got this pop-up? Should I be using a different version? Thanks!

Hi, I had the above invite pop up when I logged in this morning and I was excited to finally try out Snoop Plus!!! :heart_eyes:

But when I clicked on the link Google Play wouldn’t let me go any further and now my invite appears to have been lost :tired_face:

Have I missed out or can I still try and get access?


Hi @charlwillis - that’s odd. I’ve had a look at your account and I can see you’re using v4.6.2 but the latest Snoop Plus app version is 4.7 - please can you take a look at Google Play and see if a new version is available to you?

4.7 will give you spend reports as well as the additional custom categories and alerts.

Please do let me know if you can’t see a newer version?

thanks :slight_smile:

Hey @Jenjo

Thank you for signing up to try Snoop Plus!

I wonder if you’re signed into Google Play with a different email address to the one you used to register with Snoop? If so, we’ll need to add your Google Play email address to enable you to access the trial app.

Would you mind dropping us a line at and we can take a look for you?

Many thanks - Cara

Thanks Cara. I’ve checked Google Play and no update is showing?

Thanks @charlwillis - that is most strange :thinking:

Please can you leave this with me and I’ll check it out with the team?

Appreciate it!

Yes of course! I will check back on Play in case it’s just the Play store just being slow on my phone. Thank you @Cara!

Hi @Cara. No update showing in the Play store and app version still on 4.6.2 as of this evening.