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I have added a few new categorys and that’s great. However some I forgot to change the icon and other I would like to name slightly differently.
Can I/ how do I edit category


Hi @4watts

Great to read you’re enjoying using Custom Categories :slight_smile:

You can edit these by tapping into the category you want to change, and then tapping on the 3 dots in the top right of that screen. You should then see an option to edit the category name and emoji.

Hope that helps but please do let me know if you can’t spot it.

thanks - Cara


Great Thank you

No as intuitive as expected to find – may adda link in setting would help

Love the app – for 30 year’s I have been tracking my spend by entering every transaction for the family. Its just so easy with Snoop to see where the money goes.


Why don’t you support metro

Hi @Louierian1

We’d love to! But I’m afraid Metro has taken the decision not to make any Open Banking interfaces available for us to connect with.

The most well known/largest providers that we get frequently asked about but take this stance are Metro Bank and Co-Op Bank. We hope they eventually offer these APIs and their customers can benefit.

It would also be great if you could let them know this would be a good area for them to focus on. They may listen to you as their customer, more than us.


Editing a category name and icon is straight forward enough but as yet am completely baffled how to add payees.
Please help!
New to Snoop and loving it btw :blush:

Hi @Ron44 could you explain more about what you mean with adding Payees?

Do you mean adding bills that our AI has not spotted?


When setting up a category you are firstly asked to provide a name and choose an icon. Once that is done you are taken to a page where you can select payees that are relevant to that category.
Once the category is set up, it is possible to rename or choose a different icon but that is all.
Payees is probably the wrong term :thinking:

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I see @Ron44

You can change the category for individual transactions or you can change ‘all transactions for a merchant’ (i.e. Payees).

There are lots of ways of doing this - but in any place in the app where you see a list of transactions you can tap on a single item to bring up a details screen about that transaction. From there the current category is show as a little card in the top left. You can tap that category card to bring up a full list of categories - including any custom ones you’ve setup. From there you will get an option to change that single transaction or ‘all’ for that merchant. By picking that all option it means we will match all past and future transactions with that payee.

There are other shortcuts to recategorise transactions in bulk - such as in Spend Analysis when you tap on a certain category.

Does that help?

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Yes, thank you :blush:
To be honest I’ve only had the app download for a few hours and I am still working my through things, discovering what it is capable of. I will get there however. Thanks for your help!

I’ve tried to follow these instructions but they don’t seem right. Has anything changed since this post? I’m using the latest release of the Android app.

Ah - I’ve found out that I was at the wrong screen! All sorted now :blush:

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I do not have the 3 dots on my screen???

Hi @7798771312

Try these steps:

  • Tap on ‘Spending and Budgets’ from the homescreen
  • Tap on ‘your Spending’
  • Tap on the custom category you want to change (note - you can’t change our standard categories, only custom ones you’ve set-up)
  • The three dots are in the top-right of the screen you should now see - the summary of your category



Is there a way to rename each transaction? I can rename the category and edit it for each transaction but, I unable to rename the transaction to exactly what I want it named. Would be very helpful to have!


Hi Usman,

I’m afraid not - right now in Snoop, there isn’t a feature to allow you to rename a transaction. Connected accounts can be renamed and custom categories can be setup and then amended, but not transactions.

I’ll share your feedback with the team though as we’re constantly re-prioritising the list of features we intend to work on next.


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