Snoop plus

Some (all) of the plus features seem to be taking their time? I presume that it will remain a trial until the features are working?

Hi there @Dickymint - the new features will start to be rolled out later in Jan so yes definitely, the free trial will remain in place until that’s complete :slight_smile:



How do I get Snoop plus?

Hi @Anzo we will be contacting all customers about this next week


Hi team,

I haven’t been on here for a while which is directly correlated to how simple Snoop makes my life and everything’s ticking over nicely! :innocent::star_struck:

One of the things I’m loving in Snoop plus is the custom alerts. I have one to alert me when I go over a certain amount in the Eating Out category. Which I breach more regularly than I should :roll_eyes: but that’s my problem not yours! But when the little alert pops up to tell me I’ve gone over the limit and I click on it, it takes me to the list of all my transactions when I would expect it should take me to the category spend analysis that the alert is set up for. Is that how its supposed to work? I’d much rather see the category spend not all my spend.


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Hey Charlotte,

Great to read that you’re enjoying Snoop Plus, and in particular custom alerts :heart: They’re my favourite feature hands down… and I regularly breach eating out too!

Just on your comment about the category alert not taking you to the category screen in Spend Analysis. This is totally fair and its something we’re going to be improving.

Right now, pending transactions are not represented in spend analysis for a heap of reasons. This is why we can’t link to there. Eventually we’d like to enable this to happen but its not in our immediate priority stack.

So instead in a few weeks we’ll be working on a new alert screen which will show you the list of transactions that are relevant to the alert that has been triggered - so it’ll be much better than you ending up in ‘All transactions’ and trying to work out which are relevant.

This will hopefully improve this experience but it’ll be great to know what you think when it’s ready.

Many thanks as ever! Cara

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