Calendar + Balance Projection


After a few months of monitoring, Snoop will have an idea of the key payment dates (e.g direct debit dates, salary payments). Is it possible for user to define an overall budget and for Snoop to proactively indicate the spend limit per day to meet the budget, taking into consideration when the key payment dates arise?

It could go along well with the daily balance alerts.

There are so many subscription products these days, keeping track of when any of my accounts will be debited is a pain!

We don’t do that yet @K731, but that is certainly in our thinking.

Sorry I know I’ve already sent you this link on another post, but for anyone who doesn’t see that and is interested, please find a link to our current roadmap here: Snoop | Product features

In that we describe some of our budgeting features that we will be looking to launch in the 2nd half of the year.


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