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Morning Snoopers,

we’ve been busy looking at the roadmap and I’m sure a lot of you will be excited to hear that we’ve started work on the ability for customers to add custom tags to transactions so they can create personalised views of their spending (this is our most requested feature by miles!)

This new experience will allow users to set up a tag (e.g. Expenses / Christmas Party / Wedding / Bills) and then apply it to all relevant transactions. You’ll then be able to view the tag in the app and drill down into the transactions that exist within it (like categories in the app today).

As we design and develop this new feature we want to also re-evaluate the ‘money management’ views within the app and need your help to tell us what works today and what you would like to see more of.

More specifically, we’d love your thoughts on:

  • how do you feel about Snoop’s money management features and how can we make them better?

  • what do you think of the information on the homescreen, would you like to see anything else elevated to this level?

  • how useful are the consolidated timeline and category views of your transactions, are their other views you’d like to see?

  • category spending is driven based on calendar month, does this work for you and would you like to be able to see the data across other date ranges (or a view of ‘all time’?)

We’ve also got a couple more ideas that we’d love to share with you and hear what you think.

If you would be interested in attending a virtual customer workshop to discuss the above, please comment on this post letting me know.

If you have any ideas or feedback on the above but aren’t so interested in the workshop please feel free to post them here and we’ll add them into the collective thinking.

Thanks a lot in advance and happy Snooping,



Hi Ross, the big one for me would be the time line one.
I’m paid monthly but the date can vary, if my pay date falls on a weekend or Bank Hol I get paid earlier and thus I may pay a big bill earlier, so sometimes it looks like I’ve had no income or paid a large bill twice in a month, so to be able to adjust the date the month starts and finishes would help a lot.

Interested in the virtual workshop depending on date/time etc.


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One thing that’s missing for me is budget tracking. A total view of money in, out and net for that month. This would be a good addition to the home screen alongside a total balance of all the accounts.

Monthly views of the category spend will suit most, but I find it an unnecessary step when scrolling through transactions. Months are only useful if you’re searching for a transaction in the past, but I rarely use this and would normally just be looking at transactions in the current month/past week. Maybe having transactions on a constant scroll with the month selections as a anchor/bookmark to somewhere in that list would be more user friendly?

The only other thing that’s missing for me is a search bar, so you can find transactions from a particular retailer. I tried to do this a while ago whilst looking to see if an airline had refunded a payment from a cancelled flight, but couldn’t remember the original cost. Searching for ‘BA’ would have bought up all transactions and then I could have worked out the net spend with them. This might also be useful for people who invest or bet and have money flowing to and from a retailer, making it easy to keep up with the net spend.

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That’s great that we are getting custom tags it should be very useful!

I would like to attend the virtual workshop but I imagine it would be during the working day which probably means I’ll struggle to attend!

Here are my thoughts anyway: in order of what I think is most ‘essential’ to ‘least’.

  1. searchable transactions / search by merchant / date range / category etc. (Similar to how Monzo does it - they have a very good implementation of this)

  2. UI: In one word - swiping. This is actually an important one for me as currently on a big phone navigating the UI is a bit clunky as you constantly have to reach towards the top of the screen for most of the buttons (back, settings, explore).

  • it would be great if you could simply swipe left/right between settings, Home Screen, and the explore tabs
  • when you are within an individual transaction/settings screen you should be able to swipe left to go back one level
  • in the transactions tab you can swipe on the month names, but only to go one month to the left or right. Ideally this should be like a free horizontal scrolling wheel (not sure what the right term is for this) where you can swipe through multiple months.
  1. change the start/end dates of months. I get paid second last working day of the month and I would ideally like my months to be aligned to this.

  2. On the home screen at the top an overall line graph of total money across accounts, over time. Then an option to deselect which accounts you don’t want to be aggregated (eg long term saving accounts). This would make it much quicker for me to get a picture of my finances than the current screen.

  3. Bar chart or line graph somewhere where you can see how your monthly spending has changed over time for individual categories.

  4. Manual export transactions to Google Sheets

Nice to have or power features but not essential:

  • IFTTT integration
  • Real-time Google Sheets export
  • initiate bank transfers from within Snoop, using open banking
  • Add manual accounts for banks which don’t support open banking (eg user types in balance).

An all time view wouldn’t be particularly useful for me. Also I probably won’t be able to trust numbers before September 2019. When I got the app I went back and correctly categorised all transactions from September. If I look back at an older months the categorisation will be pretty hit and miss (eg transfers to from friends, transfers to Investment apps, accounts outside Snoop).


The 2 things that instantly come to mind are:

  • A consolidated total across all accounts displayed prominently on the home screen.

  • A line graph showing current total spend for the month, and also a comparison line for the spend from last month over the same period. I’ve seen that sort of feature elsewhere, and found it really helpful. I also found it motivated me to try and get the current line underneath the one from last month.


I think everything mentioned above covers the kinds of things I’m really keen to see (and more)

Would also be interested in the workshop - but as a shift worker, that will depend on whether it fits with when I’m not working.

Thanks team!


Yes the above sounds good, yet its got to be easy. So a hard choice.
I think, if it was possible to alter the amount of detail it would help. From daily amount to weekly or monthly.

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I was wondering what happened to this proposed virtual workshop? Are you still planning to run this?

It would be interesting to hear what’s on the road map in the near term and medium term?

Good progress has been made in getting connections to more banks and credit cards - but would be keen to hear what else is in the pipeline!

Hey @hawkzzter,

We’re always keen to hear from people about what they think of the app just now and what they want in the future.

Could you please email hello@snoop.app and we’ll figure out a time to catch-up.