Snoop appears to be one of the smartest money apps i have used. Bills, contract reminders and estimate monthly spend is more accurate than most ive used to date. However, i cant quite move from MoneyDashboard due to the lack of analytics. Feels this is the only things missing. Seeing historic data, trends and budgets would massively help this app


Hi @gavin.vickers - it would be great to understand more about which things you don’t think Snoop provides? For the things you mention, you can see historic data for all category spending for example (and you can run spend reports for any time period across one or more of your accounts).

You can track budget history for the periods where you had a budget setup.

Is it something about these features which you feel are lacking or could you explain more on which specific analytics you think are missing? That would be super helpful for us.


Hi I’ve also loved the money dashboard set up as I could easily see income Vs spend per month and then scroll to categories or transactions tha either overspent or mis categorised. I do find snoop is not easy to view income at all and mine does vary month by month.

In the same way money dashboard automatically generated average monthly spend when I viewed category data and this allowed me to see big purchases included in the monthly cash flow set up.

Snoop would be great if I could replicate some of that functionality.

Hi @Kc4tea we use average monthly spending by category in a few places - in the budget setup process or on the custom spend reports for example. However I’ve shared the feedback that you’d find this useful in other places.

You can quickly see income vs spending by tapping on the ‘Spending’ icon and then ‘Your Spending’ tab. All spending categories are listed first, with income as it’s own section at the bottom.


As another previous Money Dashboard user, I’d add that it takes some adapting to a different layout! I was familiar with MD’s graphics/charts per category, and appreciated the lengthy back history being available at a glance. I’m weighing up the value of recategorising multiple transactions to create a more accurate feed on Snoop. I recognise that I’m going to have to let a lot go and start over, though! I haven’t yet found a way to search for every transaction with a named retailer on Snoop, though I suspect it’s in there somewhere. Overall, very much enjoying Snoop.

Hi @Dereksmum - there are a few different ways, but the easiest is to tap on the ‘search all transactions’ card on the homepage and then just type in the merchant’s name.

You can also tap on the ‘Spending’ button and then select ‘Your Spending’ at the top and you can view your spending by categories or merchants on that screen. You can scroll over to see merchants and then find the one you want (you can also change the date being looked at based on the date slider at the top of the screen).


Thank you - I’ll try it out.