Data Export to Google Sheets (or elsewhere)

I’ve been thinking about features I’d really love to see in the Snoop app, that harnesses the power of snoops integrations.

One thing is the ability to export the Connected Account data directly to a Google Sheet, or IFTTT or another similar service.

I’m a bit of a data hoarder, and while having the analytics in Snoop is great I’d really like to be able to chart the data myself and see long term trends.

Obviously the data is coming in, so the ability to move some of that out again would be :fire:

Would others use this?


Yes either of those would be great!

And if Snoop could do it similar to the new Monzo plus real-time export then even better!

Hi both,

Thanks for your awesome comments and suggestions! The desire of our customers to export data is something we’re tracking and this feature is on our longer-term ‘ideas board.’

What we’re really interested in doing in the more immediate future is enable customers to see more views of their money within their app.

As part of that design process could you let me know the top 5 views you’d like to be able to see in the ‘Your Money’ section of the app? (E.g. spending by custom date periods, merchant spend view, custom categories / tags, more data visualisation for easier trend analysis)



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Not sure about a ‘top 5’, but custom categories/tags is high on my wants list. We all visualise our spending in different ways. I have my own pattern that I’ve been using for 15+ years and I’d like to be able to relate Snoop data to what I’ve been used to.


Part of the appeal for me is to partially enable my use of the data outside of Snoop - e.g. things like IFTTT integrations, so I can make specific actions based on what the connected data does. Same with Sheets for that purpose.

There’s more I want the information for than just views / slicing up the data.

In terms of Data views though; it’s hard to define the top 5 - it’s broadly I really want the ability to manipulate it as I need/want/feel like - and having that data in a tool like Excel makes that super manipulate-able.

Part of the picture as well is I use YNAB for my future budgeting needs. The way that ‘looks forward’ as it were is something I’d like to see in Snoop too.


Yes, I would definitely love the ability to export to spreadsheets. Was coming here to suggest that and so delighted it is already here.


Same - this is now a key feature request from me as well!