Data Export to Google Sheets (or elsewhere)

I’ve been thinking about features I’d really love to see in the Snoop app, that harnesses the power of snoops integrations.

One thing is the ability to export the Connected Account data directly to a Google Sheet, or IFTTT or another similar service.

I’m a bit of a data hoarder, and while having the analytics in Snoop is great I’d really like to be able to chart the data myself and see long term trends.

Obviously the data is coming in, so the ability to move some of that out again would be :fire:

Would others use this?


Yes either of those would be great!

And if Snoop could do it similar to the new Monzo plus real-time export then even better!

Hi both,

Thanks for your awesome comments and suggestions! The desire of our customers to export data is something we’re tracking and this feature is on our longer-term ‘ideas board.’

What we’re really interested in doing in the more immediate future is enable customers to see more views of their money within their app.

As part of that design process could you let me know the top 5 views you’d like to be able to see in the ‘Your Money’ section of the app? (E.g. spending by custom date periods, merchant spend view, custom categories / tags, more data visualisation for easier trend analysis)



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Not sure about a ‘top 5’, but custom categories/tags is high on my wants list. We all visualise our spending in different ways. I have my own pattern that I’ve been using for 15+ years and I’d like to be able to relate Snoop data to what I’ve been used to.


Part of the appeal for me is to partially enable my use of the data outside of Snoop - e.g. things like IFTTT integrations, so I can make specific actions based on what the connected data does. Same with Sheets for that purpose.

There’s more I want the information for than just views / slicing up the data.

In terms of Data views though; it’s hard to define the top 5 - it’s broadly I really want the ability to manipulate it as I need/want/feel like - and having that data in a tool like Excel makes that super manipulate-able.

Part of the picture as well is I use YNAB for my future budgeting needs. The way that ‘looks forward’ as it were is something I’d like to see in Snoop too.


Yes, I would definitely love the ability to export to spreadsheets. Was coming here to suggest that and so delighted it is already here.


Same - this is now a key feature request from me as well!


Again excuse any ignorance but has this feature been included yet ?

I would like to be able to export data for use in a spreadsheet I use for budgeting ?

Hi there, this feature isn’t available in Snoop yet.

But it’s one we’ll turn to after our next wave of money management features are ready - we’re targeting end of this year for these which will include spend reports, setting a custom month for spend analysis, and the addition of offline accounts to name a few.

We definitely see the value in the export feature and are keen to do it. Its just not made it to the top of the priority list yet.

Really appreciate your feedback @Stuad70 :slight_smile:


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How did this go? New to snoop. Was hoping features such as ifttt and exporting would be baked in. Thanks!

Hi @Btmgreg - since Cara’s message last year we did indeed launch a range of new money management features. That includes all the things Cara mentions (which are all part of our Snoop Plus product).

However, we still haven’t worked on any export feature. It’s something we would like to do still in future - but it’s not in our priorities for the short term.


I’m still keen to see a wider choice of formats for exporting - OFX or QIF would suit me perfectly.


I’m another upvote for exporting to a crv/spreadsheet.

I’ve been tracking my spending for over 10 years in excel and ultimately I configured snoop pro to mirror my spreadsheet categories, so that I can see the data ‘that way’ I’m intending manually continue to complete these sheets.

Prior to trying snoop tracking my spending into different categories (coffee, homewards) instead of by account or credit card was labour intensive, and now that has been much simplified. But I still have the need to move data into the spreadsheet, which is work.
I can imagine that if I continue with that app, at some point it would be useful to save data and clear it from the dynamic part of the platform. Having gone through and made sure my transactions were labelled and linked appropriately, I don’t want to manipulate data from 2 years ago in the same way as I want to look at data today, and putting it into the spreadsheet is kind of representative of this for me, putting the data to bed annually.

I suppose that if data was exportable to a spread sheet enterprising people could sort their finances in a 30 day trial once every year, and then save the output, and that’s not good for business. But I think that for long term comparison and data manipulation, it’s too much to ask of the app to compete with the functionality of a spreadsheet. For example, in my spreadsheet my mortgage payment is parsed into interest (expense) and capital repayment (savings). If snoop is primarily a real time day to day spending support, then there should be a way to clear and save historic data, and not have it cloud day to day use, without losing it. If it’s trying to be a personal accounting platform to start financial behaviour over a long periods then it needs to be able to do much more functionality with historic data— something that at present seems beyond the scope of the product.

Thanks for the feedback here @Ssolywoda and @martinfs. I’ve shared it with the team and it’s always super helpful to get this type of input and things that would make Snoop better for you.

As mentioned above, we don’t have any immediate plans for this, but it is certainly on our longer list of things we’d like to get to.


The app really needs this. Your more technical users are being somewhat left out here. If you’re not going to allow data export, at least consider exposing some APIs for this. By doing this you are facilitating your more technical users (who will continue paying for this enhanced functionality) while not negatively affecting your position with less technical users who will continue to rely on the data you provide.

We are moving towards data integration for personal users. While you are facilitating that to some extent, you are missing a fundamental element…allowing users to have access to their data. This is a restraint that more technical users like myself will not be able to justify for long. Please make a data export or API functionality a top priority.

thanks for your comments @Rilhia

We’re certainly interested in adding this enhancement (or similar) but as Paul mentions above, its not something in our immediate plans. That isn’t as we don’t view it as useful or important - it just comes down to a priority call with us focusing on other areas of Snoop such as Your Bills, right now.

Your feedback has been shared with the team as its always very helpful to get different perspectives and we’ll certainly be discussing.

Appreciate you taking time out to share your views - Cara

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As a snoop user I’d also love this feature. Or (and I haven’t used Snoop for that long so you may already have this) but is there a “household snoop”?

What I want to do is combine my and my husband’s snoops so we have an overall view of our money.

Currently we have a joint account but also lots of individual accounts and credit cards too. Being able to download data gives me the flexibility to create this in a spreadsheet but if snoop could do this for us then even better!

Hi @ellagreen

We don’t offer a household / shared Snoop (yet) - I can see how useful that would be though!

That said, we don’t do anything to prevent you both from downloading Snoop separately and connecting the same accounts if you want to. That way at least you can track the same incomings and outgoings, even if you do it individually.

Or you could have a single Snoop account which you can both access on your respective devices.

If you want have a single Snoop that you share, the one tricky thing is connecting all your accounts if you and your husband have separate accounts at the same bank. This is because if you tried to connect your Snoop to your husband’s account at a particular bank, the bank would keep redirecting you to your account, not his, to approve the connection. If that makes sense!

But if this could be a problem for you, the easiest way to get around this is for you to connect your account with bank A to your Snoop on your device. And then your husband could download Snoop on his device and could then login to your version of Snoop - he could then add his own accounts to your Snoop, on his device.

I really hope that helps and hasn’t completely confused you! If you want to chat more about specifics feel free to drop us a line at and we’ll give you a hand :blush:

Best wishes,

Another vote for this. Any idea when we can get it? Thanks

This is something we’re keen to do @Nickh but being completely honest, its not in our immediate plans - we’re just concentrating on other areas of Snoop right now. But as I say, we’d love to do this as we get a fair number of requests for it.

I’ve shared your vote and we’ll continue to discuss as we look at priorities for 2023.

thanks for the feedback!