Out of interest

Purely out of interest, what’s the story behind this (perhaps unlikely?) brand link?

Hi Richard.

Matthew who runs this Twitter channel (and a bunch of others) is a friend of ours. He loves what we’re trying to do with Snoop and has been using his platform to help spread the word about us. Hence the reference and why we’re in some of his posts.

We’ve been looking to learn how to build awareness about Snoop - from Facebook and Instagram advertising through to Google search - and so some help from a Twitter influencer has been a good learning for us!

Hope that makes sense


On a completely different note but also out of interest…

When I ‘dislike’ a Snoop, does it ‘learn’ that I don’t like the kind of Snoop it is (money off, app suggestion, etc) or does it learn that I don’t like the brand or service it’s suggesting (Starbucks, Laura Ashley, etc)? Because sometimes I dislike something because it’s offering me money off a particular brand I dislike so I dislike it but I want it to continue to show me money off other brands. Whereas sometimes I dislike a Snoop because it suggests something for a brand I like but not something I’m interested in about that brand (an app, etc). So am I completely confusing the Snoops or are they more intelligent than that?? The Like and Dislike buttons don’t allow us to tell you why…

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Morning Charlotte. When you dislike something the algorithm looks at both elements of the Snoop - which brand it is for, and what kind of Snoop it is. So if you disliked a “John Lewis” Snoop it would demote other John Lewis Snoops and if you disliked a snoop about a “Fintech” app it would demote other Fintech apps. (Conversely the same is true for “Liking” something). One point to make is that Snoop never fails to display something through your actions - it’s all about the order you are shown them in. Liking and disliking orders the prioritisation on your feed. So no need to be concerned about missing out - this is simply about trying to get the best stuff to bubble to the top. Does that make sense? Paul

Ah interesting. So if I dislike something like the attaced screenshot, for the reason that I don’t like loyalty schemes (which I don’t), it’ll think that I don’t like John Lewis (which I do!) and show me fewer John Lewis Snoops?

In this specific situation, you will still see the John Lewis Snoops they just won’t be as high on your feed -so there’s no need to worry you won’t see something. This is all about prioritisation - as opposed to whether you would see something or not, if that makes sense? Paul

Understood. I know you’re working on more responses than just Like, Dislike, It’s Wrong, but it would be even more helpful to be able to select why you don’t like it (without then having to send an email), and it would help Snoop learn too. So if I could select ‘Don’t show me this brand’ it would know I don’t like that brand but do like loyalty schemes, but if I were to select ‘Don’t like loyalty schemes’ or ‘don’t like app suggestions’ or something, it would learn that I do still like that brand but don’t like the suggestion to do with it, without moving a brand I like further down my Snoops prioritisation.

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Understood Charlotte and makes complete sense. I guess what we are trying to do is balance simplicity of interaction vs richness of insight if that makes sense? Will think some more on it given your suggestion above - many thanks! Paul

Thanks Paul!

On this, would it be possible to have the existing simple interface (like/dislike) but qualify the likes/dislikes with numbers - eg once I’ve disliked two different JohnLewis snoops (with different types eg loyalty-scheme vs offer) then you can be more confident it’s JL I don’t like.

I think I can clarify if the above is garbled :grin:

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Hi Chris - this does make sense thanks. As time goes on, we will get more and more sophisticated here so will feed this into the development process - thanks! Paul

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Hey @chris,

Nice idea I just post a couple of mins ago about that, something like Google news does once you dislike an article is asking why that and giving some options…

See here about it:

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Just an FYI really: every Snoop I’ve been suggested today told me to sign up for email offers from the vendor. The last thing I want is more email! I much prefer the Snoops that tell me intelligent things about my spending, warnings about expiry deadlines, and genuine insights into how I can save money by knowing the market. Anyone can sign up for email offers so I don’t need Snoop for that :blush:

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Thanks @charlwillis - understood and we’ll definitely reflect on this. Appreciate the feedback as always.

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Love love LOVE this! This sort of thing is what will make Snoop my favourite and go-to finance app!

Thanks Charlotte. We really appreciate the positive feedback. There’s lots more like this to come… :slight_smile:

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New Snoop notification this morning telling me I had a new #1 Snoop so I clicked on it (nothing - as expected at the moment until they’re fixed) and it showed me three brand new really interesting and intelligent snoops (my correct spend with Nutmeg, my correct spend with Pret, and the best savings accounts from Money watch at the moment - very topical given the markets!).

All all of them appeared at the top of my Snoop feed, not under my existing pinned and liked Snoops! Just what I like to see! Great improvements both on the correct intelligence but also on the rearranging of the Snoop feed. (any update on when pinned Snoops will move permanently to ‘pinned’?)

Keep up the good work! :innocent:

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Similar experience for me today, but my Nutmeg spend is still double what it should be…

Actually I confess I didn’t check whether my Nutmeg amount was now right but it sounded about right so I sort of assumed it must be… My bad!

Thanks Charlotte. Very much appreciate the positive feedback. We’ve got more to come - so will be interested to see what you think. We’re still working on the “Pinned” improvement, but it remains very much front of mind for us. :slight_smile: