Increasing snoop knowledge

Snoop ia a smart robot which is learning from all the transactions, but why not expand it with some profile questionnaire?

For example this snoop here has no value because I don’t have a car:

So this could be improved by two ways, having a short questionnaire once you join with questions about you, like how do you commute? Do you own your house or rent? And others, which will help snoop in the initial snoops for each of us.
A second way would be doing the same as Google news, once you ask to remove some article from your feed it shows some key words to you to choose the way, with that it learns what you don’t like from that article to not pop up again.

Here an example from Google news:

What is your thoughts?


Hey Bruno,

thanks for your comments. We’re currently thinking of ways we can capture additional useful information about our customers to make Snoop even more personalised and useful. I think your idea of contextual questions or a survey are great, we’ll definitely use them for inspiration.



@brunosmm that’s are great ideas :+1: