The data gathered by Snoop will presumably be used to profile users and then used by Snoop to target offers etc. It would be a really nice feature to see an explanation of how a particular offer has been arrived at to provide greater transparency about the offer being shown. This would be equivalent to being able to see which criteria Snoop and partners used to select their target audience for a particular offer e.g. high earner, London based, aged 18-25, likes eating out.

I’d also like to see a ‘what do we know about you’ feature which neatly summarises the information which has been derived from my data without being provided by me. This could be displayed in an engaging format rather than simply a data dump (like the Amazon request my information tool).

Hey @lbh. Thank you again for your suggestion, I’m definitely a fan of it!

Here at Snoop we want to make things as transparent as possible and I know it would be really interesting for users to see why they’ve been served some of the Snoops that they see. In all honesty its probably not something we’ll be able to include in the app in the near future, but we’ll certainly take it away and discuss it further.

Please keep the suggestions coming!