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Thoughts on the value of the snoop suggestions. The App appears to make suggestions for Groceries based on the value of spend/frequency of visits (I see both metrics being quoted). However, the suggested values seem immaterial (although this is probably subjective). For example - 22 visits to Sainsbury’s over 12 months (under twice a month) and separately it tells me I’ve spent £231 (avg 10.50 using the 22 visits). So the question is - does spending £10 at Sainsbury’s twice a month warrant me downloading an app and collecting points to save money? Not sure it would trigger me to make that effort (but again, subjective). Is there a way of setting thresholds for what constitutes a high enough spend/frequency of visit to make the money-saving suggestion? Could this be tailored to the individual? (i.e. how does that compare to average spend/frequency across all grocery stores?) Can you identify a users “go-to” grocery store/service?

Hi Ben. Thanks for the feedback. Makes a lot of sense.

One of the things we’re aiming to learn during the Beta programme is the right level of cut-off for some of the Snoops. The cut-offs have deliberately been set quite low at present to get feedback - so in this case (if you haven’t already) you should definitely dislike the Snoop. :grin:

We definitely will be able to spot the customers go-to Store - we need to give Snoop that intelligence but we’ll be able to spot primary and secondary supermarket if that makes sense? And ultimately we could end up making it individually based. We will get there - but we aren’t there right now.

But your feedback is perfectly clear - for you, the threshold should be higher. That’s great feedback - thanks.

How are you finding the rest of your personalised Snoop feed? Any you find particularly useful or not useful?

Thanks for taking the time to post - we really appreciate it



PS Ben - I checked and that Snoop fires at 20 visits so you are just over the threshold. I’ve upped it to 40 - so only regular shoppers will see it. I agree it’s most useful if it’s your supermarket of choice.


That makes sense. There is certainly value in identifying the second and third grocery store (brick&mortar or online) for a user. While I’m sure you want to remain agnostic from a brand perspective, supermarkets may wish to offer vouchers and other such offers to those users for whom they are the close second. Nudging the user to go to use their brand vs. the consumer preferred competitor.

Flipping back to User side of side of things. I notice you have flagged me as a John Lewis shopper. (I am but not frequently). I believe this has happened due to my home insurance being with John Lewis and therefore a regular transaction for that product. The suggested JL saving is through their shopping app, but it might make more sense for it to be tailored to the particular category, insurance. Not sure whether you’re able to distinguish that type of differentiated transaction for a single vendor but would certainly add value.

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Great, thank you Ben. Incredibly useful feedback - we’ll take a look at all your points.

Really appreciate you taking the time to let us know :blush:


Hi Ben. Yes ultimately we want to be in a place where (if our customers would like it) brands can bid for their business where we can see that people are happy to shop at multiple suppliers. We are quite some way from that - but we can see the potential in the same way you can.

On John Lewis that’s really helpful. I will have a look into that specific - we may be able to isolate it in the detail of the feed. Part of the purpose of the Beta is to get people to spot situations exactly like this - so thank you for being so far ahead of the curve. :slight_smile: Please also dislike the Snoop as that will push John Lewis Snoops (less relevant to you) down your feed. Thanks!

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Ben - when you have a minute, if you’re happy to - can you send me the Snoop that makes you think we have you down as a John Lewis shopper? I’d love to see the one that’s made you think that. Many thanks!

Hey Paul, I believe I may have “disliked” and therefore it is no longer on my stream. Can’t find it now.

Another suggestion for Snoop please: I don’t want to see my spend by calendar month as I don’t get paid in calendar months - I want to see my spend per payday month. Monzo allow users to set this themselves and it’s really helpful. Can Snoop do this too please?

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Hey Charlotte!

Great idea! We’ve got some exciting features on our roadmap related to forecasting balances based on pay periods and as part of that we want to be able to let customers tailor their experience based on these.

Watch this space! (it might take us a little while to figure it all out… :wink:



No problem Ben - I can check it out and have a look. Appreciate you raising it. And btw you did absolutely the right thing in disliking it. That should help Snoop adjust your feed.

Hi All,

I’m new to Snoop and have a few initial observations, but not sure if I’ve put them in the correct place or if they’ve been mentioned before (sorry if im repeating things), but here goes…

App Version 1.0.0

  1. Can we have Finger Print Login ?

  2. On first impressions, it’s difficult to see all accounts if you have more than 6 as it show 2 rows of 3 then if I move the slider tray down they are shown but it’s not an obvious choice, and then I couldn’t get the slider to stay back in the middle, it went straight to the top and then bottom.

  3. I could only add and connect to one account at a time, which was slow and time consuming. I should be able to add more accounts whilst snoop is connecting to the previous one.

  4. You mention Monzo & Starling as good options if you are using a card abroad, but no mention of either Revolut or Transferwise, which are also good accounts (especially in Europe)

  5. I believe that Santander in Spain will still charge fees even if you are a Santander UK account holder as they are classed as seperate banks.

  6. Can we possible be able to rename or have nicknames for accounts ? I have a Revolut GB Account and a Revolut Euro Account but both are showing as just ‘Current Account’, which they are but I would like to call them either UK or Euro account etc. This is the same for my Lloyds account which I would like to call ‘Bills Account’ instead of Current Account ?

  7. With regards to #6 I have a Revolut Euro Account but it is being shown with a balance in Pounds with a £ symbol where it should be a Euro Symbol

  8. I use Monzo as my main bank account but only the Current Account is available to link but I have money tucked away in my Pots (bills, savings etc) that I would also like to see. I know that this is different from high street banks but Monzo class all the money in the Pots as being part of the current account and not separate (even though they are split up and show separately) so I’m not sure if this is something that can be achieved ?

Thats my first initial findings, but I’m going to use it everyday now and see where we go. All the best and so far so good…

Hey Taffy!

Firstly, congrats on the rugby result last weekend - I think Wales are looking good for the whole tournament!

Thanks a lot for the feedback - please see a couple of responses below and Paul will get back to you about the other points ASAP.

  1. Coming soon - watch this space!

  2. Interesting - the drawer should go back to the middle but sometimes it’s a bit fiddly, we’ll look into it.

  3. This is something a few of our customers have told us about, we’re looking into letting you add all your accounts without disabling the button.

4.& 5. Paul will get back to you on these ones

  1. Coming soon - watch this space!

  2. Thanks, we’ve managed to crack this on iOS but are still working on it for Android…we’ll keep you posted

  3. Thanks - we’re looking into this and will keep you posted

Thanks again and let me know if there is anything else,


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Hi TaffyApple

Thanks for your feedback - it’s really appreciated.

On 4 - I’d love your point of view on this. We deliberately didn’t promote every choice just because it could feel overwhelming - hence picking two (Monzo and Starling). I’d love your perspective on whether you’d prefer a curated list, or prefer to see everything.

And on 5 I’ve been back and checked the Fee Information Document for the Santander 123 account and ATM withdrawals in Spain are confirmed as free in that document, so that should be correct.

Really useful feedback though - thanks so much for trying Snoop. Please do keep telling us what you think.

many thanks

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Hi Paul,

With reference to item 4 above, my view is that if you are mentioning 2 then you should also mention Revolut and TransferWise as they are both very popular and well used by people travelling, especially around Europe and to mention just Monzo and Starling might give the impression that they are the ones recommended by Snoop etc

In reality you are offering advice and warn people that there are better options available than their high street bank so I think the 4 most popular should be included but maybe updated if things change with their rates etc or if a better option become available, that way it keeps it fresh and relevant information for users. Maybe you could also look at recommend lists but that might be a whole new topic

Just my thoughts and hope it helps, what do you think ?

Just another quick idea to make it look better and more usable and readable.

Please could the Accounts be movable on the screen, maybe with a long press they can be rearranged or this could be done on a settings page etc

The reasoning is quite simple, when I added my accounts they were placed in the order I added them, but some of my accounts currently have a zero or low balance or are not used as much as my main account but are showing first and one of my credit card accounts is under the draw so can’t be seen. If I could rearrange them in any order then I could see the most important at the top, or the account that I might want to keep an eye on etc but at the moment I can’t see how I can do this. They could then be easily changed around at any time when required or needed. ?

Morning Leighton!

I think that definitely makes sense and is very helpful. We will definitely add Revolut - my only question on TransferWise is whether they are as mainstream a choice as Monzo, Starling and Revolut. I see them as a Money Transfer provider as opposed to spending overseas - although I appreciate they do offer the latter. I think we need to strike the right balance and make sure we don’t overwhelm people if that makes sense?

So it’s all very good feedback from you - thank you - and I think where I would land is to add Revolut to those Snoops if that makes sense?

Let me know what you think - and, as ever, thanks for the engagement

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Hey Leighton,

thanks for the feedback on re-ordering your accounts on the homescreen! I think it’s a great idea and will add it to the product backlog.



Morning Paul,

I’ve just looked at the snoop feed for using your cards abroad and both Santander & Lloyds look fine with the 3 banks names and the information. It’s also good to have the hyperlinks for customers ease of use and direct links and it makes them stand out and also looks good with a bit of colour too. :+1:t3:

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That’s great thanks Leighton. Am glad you feel we’ve improved the Snoop.