Erroneous Snoops

Couple of erroneous Snoops this morning:
First is Nutmeg. Says I’ve invested 8k but I’ve only invested 4k

In addition the tone of it sounds very cautionary - unlike the cast majority of other Snoops. Is that what you’re aiming for? Do you it trust my investment decision?

This one about Curve bugs me (this isn’t new today, just it appears I finally have enough transaction history to be getting personalised Snoops, so frustrated it’s still appearing).

I have Curve. You can tell that because many of my transactions start with CRV. If Snoop is personalised, I shouldn’t need a button to say ‘i have this’ or a need to flag the Snoop. You already have all the information you need to stop shoeing me this Snoop.


As a build on this and the Nutmeg comment above, the Curve Snoop has the usual upbeat/poditive tone (contrasting the Nutmeg Snoop).

Let’s not forget that my Curve transactions aren’t covered by Section 75, so a hint of caution might also be appropriate here - or less caution in the Nutmeg Snoop…

Last one on the Curve Snoop. It says I’ve “got loads of accounts connected to” Snoop.

I haven’t. It’s wrong. Some generic but true content is fine for a personalised service, any generic but false information isn’t.

Not the double apostrophe typo here

Morning Richard.

Thanks for the feedback on the Nutmeg Snoop.

Would you mind messaging me your User ID (click on my name and then message) so I can check this £8k/£4k point.

Ref the tone of the message, Snoop’s definitely not suggesting anything about trust in your decision. Investing is a very personal thing. Ultimately, all we wanted to do here was make sure you’d seen Nutmegs latest update if that makes sense? Given its a big sum of money - that felt appropriate. Does that make sense? thanks - Paul

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Thanks Richard. Great spot. That one shouldn’t have slipped through the net. Thanks for spotting it. Will get it fixed. :slight_smile:

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I agree with that Richard. Let me look at the precalc. I think we need to up the number of accounts that is our cut off for Curve. This is precisely the purpose of the Beta so many thanks! (Also we should look for existing Curve transactions as well as you suggest. Will take us a bit of dev to do this but I will add it to the list so it’s on the development plan)

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Big sum of money is a personal thing. I’ll be interested to see how personalised Snoop can become in this regard - I fully understand you’ll need a whole world view of my finances before Snoop can make that kind of judgement, but personalised is personalised.

Understood Richard and I definitely agree that personalised = personalised. If Nutmeg doesnt feel helpful - definitely dislike it as it will help inform your future feed.

I completely agree on the Apple Snoop - I’m also an Android user. It comes up under the Shopping category so I would have assumed that Snoop had seen apple transactions in my spending and that’s why it showed me this snoop (as I have other Apple products) but I haven’t bought anything Apple in a couple of years.

The Nutmeg one also apples to me. It has the amount I’ve invested in one year wrong (but I liked the premise of the Snoop!)

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Good morning Charlotte - hope you’re doing well.

Glad to see you liked the Nutmeg Snoop - I am investigating the £££ invested point - and will come back on that.

The Apple one appears in your detailed category view (or at the bottom of your main Snoop feed) even though you’re an Android user because we assume that Android users may want to buy Apple kit at some point and so don’t want to hide the insight away if that makes sense. We just don’t want it to be at the very top of your feed if that makes sense because it’s not immediately relevant if that makes sense?

Ultimately we will end up with a search function in the App so you can search “Apple” if you want to (even as an Android user).

Hope that makes sense


Thanks Paul.

Good Afternoon!

So, looking at the app and it looks great! Plus receiving my “new job” post this morning with the stickers was a nice touch.

I’m having some fun looking like I have a severe addiction to a certain American themed burger “joint’. I have my Monzo account set up to round up transactions to one of my savings pots named Bills… Can you see where this is going?! Any way that we can avoid this happening? My first thought was that I’d been a victim of some sort of cholesterol fuelled hacking but when looking at the amount transferring I made out what was wrong.




Hey @NickHowells!

This made us smile! We’ve had a couple of customers who have raised this as well and we’re fixing today. Must admit, I’ve never been to Bills but I now really fancy a burger! :blush:

Really appreciate you raising it and for your positive support.


You’re quite welcome Cara! More than happy to provide any feedback possible.

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Hi Team,
I think this counts as an erroneous snoop - I got a snoop relating to M&S store spending, but the 12 month sum is mainly repayments on an M&S credit card - I only shop there occasionally.

I haven’t looked if the transaction ‘payee’ differentiates store spending / finance, but if it doesn’t, perhaps the regular payment date would hint at the latter :thinking:

Thanks Chris - very helpful. Would you mind directly pinging me your user ID please and I will check out the detailed transaction info. I agree we want to avoid triggering this for you! Paul

Just got this Snoop. Great because I have just stayed at a Travelodge in a Sunday night, but incorrect value it thinks I’ve spent with that brand…

My actual spend in last few months is £59.98 gross and £29.99 net - all of which is visible to Snoop

Thanks @Richard we will take a look. Based on the amounts in question, it would appear we’ve incorrectly used that transaction twice (2 x £59) in the Snoop calculation.

We really appreciate the feedback on this.