Erroneous Snoops

Perhaps related to pending transactions?? Think that was the issue with the earlier similar Nutmeg issue

Out of date offer referenced in this Snoop:

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Thanks very much @Richard - we’ll take a look and sort that asap.

Interesting Snoop received this evening saying that Snoop reckons my car insurance renewal is coming up soon? Except it’s not? Not sure where its getting this data from! My car insurance isn’t due until July (unless this is SUPER advance planning??)!

Thank you Charlotte. Very helpful for you to have flagged this. This will take a bit of investigation - but we should be spotting it about 11 months out so it shouldn’t be flagged now. Let me take a look at this and I will get back to you. Many thanks for spotting it- much appreciated!

Good morning Charlotte. I’ve had a good dig into this and fixed it. When you look at that Snoop now you should see it’s generic - and then when we get towards July the copy will be specific, the priority of this will rise in your feed - and it will be much more targeted for you. We are developing a specific annual insurance policy reminder Snoop which will talk about your specific insurer - more to follow on this soon. Once again - thanks for spotting this. This feedback is exactly what we wanted from the Beta so we are very grateful thanks

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Thanks Paul! I can’t see the Snoop on my feed any more (perhaps I removed it) so I’ll look out for it if/when it pops up again. Good to hear it’ll become more targeted the closer it gets to the date though, and thanks for investigating!

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Evening team.

Another erroneous Snoop this evening as per the screenshot. I don’t shop at Boost, I’m not a fan of juices, so it’s not clear to me why Snoop thinks I am. The only thing I can think is that I bought something from which is a nightwear brand a while back which might be causing it to get confused?

That will almost certainly be the problem @charlwillis. We will get this fixed so thanks for pointing it out.

We also had a problem with Boost Energy :flushed: spending.


Thank you. Well my Boostwr purchase was over a year ago and just a one off rather than regular, but it’s the only thing I could think of. So if it’s connected to something else instead I’d be interested to know!


Hi @charlwillis - hope all well with you. @paul_k and I were discussing this one. I’ve just taken a look at it - am I right in thinking it’s a fair way down your feed? If so, it’s not connected to your spending BUT it’s written as if it is (which isn’t very helpful!). The copy has been amended so I think it should make much more sense now, but if you have time, please take a look and let me know what you think. And for clarity, you’re right - it’s not linked to your spend at - as ever, thanks for the help - Paul

Thanks Paul. I’ve hidden the Snoop now so I don’t recall how far down it was, but thanks for looking at it it for me, and correcting the misleading false connection!

Who’s copying who? Credit Karma and Snoop…

Thanks for spotting this Richard. Let me go and investigate! Thanks for pointing this out.

Picky this one so sorry in advance. I do have a Nespresso but mine is a Vertuo machine, and none of the suggested companies makes pods to fit it. I also find it annoying that at least two of the companies you’ve linked me to claim that their pods fit all Nespresso machines - they don’t.

Now, if you can find me a coffee company that does offer an alternative that does fit my machine, that would be good.

Hi Richard - ok we’ll take that as a challenge. :slight_smile: thanks for raising this… very helpful to know
Hope you’re doing ok?

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Richard - you’ve beaten us. Snoop can’t find any recyclable Vertuo Pods! Sorry we couldnt help on this occasion… Paul

Thanks for trying @PaulL. If I spot some first I’ll be sure to let you know.


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Great spot @Richard! Thank you - we’ll get that fixed.

Hope you have a lovely bank holiday weekend. :sunglasses::sunny:

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