Premature notification?

Hi Snoop team!

I downloaded the beta and linked my account today. After about an hour I got a notification saying my first snoops we’re ready, but heading back into the app it still has the ‘preview’ snoops showing.
I’ve tried logging out and back in but they don’t seem to be ready yet. Was the notification sent through too soon?
Other than that a promising start!

Morning Ben! Many apologies for that. Could you message me with your user ID please (from the bottom of the settings screen) and I will take a look for you. I take it your personalised Snoops are there this morning? thanks! Paul

Hi Paul

Yep checked just now and my personalised snoops are there.

User id is: 72f1a3e3d7e34e50af820f4bc0a8c22e

Hope that helps

Brilliant! Thanks Ben. Will take a look. Much appreciated. I’d love to know what you think of your Snoops. :slight_smile: Paul

Hi Paul

Apologies for the delay in getting back to you - end of sprint crunch at work, I’m sure you know what that’s like.

I had my first real look at my Snoops this evening. At first, I have to say I was a little underwhelmed. They seemed a little generic eg - links to water meter and home insurance sites didn’t scream ‘I know you’

However, diving a little deeper I found more usual suggestions and one which seemed more personal…

‘As you’re a driver…’
‘As a Sky mobile customer…’
Whether or not I make use of the suggestions is less important than that I felt they were tailored to me.

A couple of things I thought I might see but didn’t…

  • suggestions to make sure my financial well being is on track. The recommended emergency fund, reduction of debt, insurance provision etc. That might not be where the app is heading but I had that in mind.
  • any credit consolidation suggestions or card transfer deals - I’ve got a few card payments coming out of my account I expected would be picked up on.
  • I have had the same mortgage payments to the same provider coming out for years - so I might be thinking of remortgaging

One thought - maybe by collecting a little bit more info from me, or by using other data sources you could tailor them even further.

eg - know my age in relation to whether I have any pension payments.

I realise you might not have the relevant agreements set up to offer those solutions yet, but just a thought.

Overall, for a Beta the app felt very solid and polished and am looking forward to seeing how it progresses!



Hi Ben - thanks for this. Really good feedback - thank you.

On credit cards, absolutely we are going to help with this. We are building right now a service which watches your card everyday and makes sure you aren’t paying interest or fees you shouldnt be - as well as aiming to spot Balance Transfer end dates. A similar service for mortgages will also follow.

And definitely - we will aim to collect info so Snoop gets smarter and smarter - all to come during 2020.

Thanks for the above - genuinely insight like this is so helpful for us

Have a good weekend