Confused on snoop responses

When I review a snoop I would like to be able to choose the following responses:

  1. I already do - e.g. joined a rewards scheme
  2. Will action - so it becomes a to do list for me
  3. Not interested
  4. Wrong

I find the current options confusing and am not sure what to choose to get the best results going forward…,


Hi Mandys

Thanks for the feedback. It’s really helpful.

We’ve had lots of comments on the Snoop engagements and we are looking at developing them, based on the feedback we’ve received.

So in future…

  1. You’ll be able to like and dislike Snoops. These basically help us work out the priority of things to show you.
  2. You’ll be able to close a Snoop with an X in the top right corner - just like you normally would with a window on your phone. Just dismiss it so you don’t have to see it again (e.g. if you’ve read it and decided it’s just not for you…)
  3. You’ll be able to pin a Snoop - to put it on your personal to-do list
  4. You’l be able to tell us you already do it (high-fives all round because you’re ahead of the game :slight_smile: )

So you’ll be able to do all the things you want to. We are finding very few people are telling us Snoops are wrong so we’re going to remove that action - and if people find a wrong one can contact us through

I hope that makes sense. Your feedback is spot-on with others we’ve received which is why we are working on changing this, as we agree with you - we think it will really help the experience