View past snoops

Would it be possible to see previous snoops or those that were marked as “more of this” or “done”?

Sometimes I find myself wanting to save a specific snoop but one that’s not useful at this time (the freebies for your birthday for instance). It I have it pinned for the time being.

I think it would be nice to see a history of these.

Thanks for the feedback @MBA1413 - we’re really keen to add the ability to search for Snoops to the app. Right now we’re focusing on a wave of new money management features, but this is certainly on the list and we’ll log your vote for it :+1:

As you say, pinning is the best way of doing this for now. And if there’s ever a Snoop you want to see again but you can’t find it, you can always drop us a line at and we can see if we can get that added back to your feed.


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Thanks for the reply! Emailing the team would require me:

  1. Recalling that snoop (which may be difficult)
  2. Trying to explain that to the snoop team

Hopefully a better system can be implemented!