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I saw a snoop for changing utility suppliers and accidently swiped through. I can’t find it anymore, is there any search option? I went through the categories but couldn’t find it there. Also, is there a feature to allow you to search through or filter on snoops I’ve said more to, or done?

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Hi @Hitesh at the moment we only have a ‘browse by category’ feature, but we would like to introduce search in future.

That said, if you can’t find the Snoop in ‘home and family’ it probably means you’ve previously dismissed the Snoop (which removes it from your feed). Or for certain snoops it could mean it’s no longer available. We are constantly changing the content in the Snoop feed to be as useful and up-to-date as possible.

For the energy switching snoop, we can certainly put that back on your feed for you. Could you drop me a line at with your mobile number and I’ll get that sorted for you today.


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Thanks Paul, will get in touch and be more careful when swiping!

Would be good to see a list of items we’ve previously dismissed but appreciate it’s very much a nice to have feature!

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