Welcome screen


Downloaded app yesterday and think it’s great - just one suggestion could you make the ‘Here are you latest Snoops’ minimised at start please? I like to quickly see all my account info but it’s largely blocked by the Snoop ideas. I’d rather maximise the snoops when I’m ready.

Also a minor bug - I tried electricity switch but none would save me anything, but I’m still getting Snoop ideas to remind me to switch. Can you code it so if no savings it doesn’t try and remind me to switch please?

Will it continue to monitor in case there is a saving in the future?

Thanks and keep up the good work!

Hi @Colinm,

thanks for the feedback!

We try and introduce both sides of Snoop (Snoops and balance / banking info) when a customer opens the app but will definitely do some conceptual testing around having the snoop drawer view minimised at the start.

Have you tried to dismiss the snoop using the ‘x’ at the top of the card? We’ll keep looking for ways to save you money on your utility bills and let you know via a snoop if an opportunity arises (if you dismiss the initial one). We’re also going to put a button to launch the energy switching journey from the recurring payments section of the app so you can periodically check to see if there are saving opportunities.



Hi @Ross thanks for the quick reply.

For some reason touching the x or the 3 dots at the bottom of a snoop on the welcome screen don’t seem to respond well - I have to select the Snoop and select ‘Done it, thanks’. If the Snoop card is maximsed then it seems to be ok.

Personally it does put me off having the latest Snoop card maximised at the start but maybe it’s just me…I’ve put off using any Open Banking apps for a long time as I wasn’t keen on giving one company that power, but the value with this is all the money saving tips that I may be missing…but I also want to see everything at a glance so I don’t need to log into each of my banking apps.

It would definitely be good as a future update for Snoop to monitor the energy market for deals (like other aggregators say they can do). I like the idea of having a one-stop shop with Snoop to be always checking the market for utilities and also checking home & car insurance at renewal time without me having to.