Hi team Snoop,

My top Snoop for a while now has been one telling me that Snoop could save me money on my energy bill with Tonik. This evening I clicked on it to see how Snoop would do it.

First observation: Snoop already knows I’m with Tonik but when it gets to the ‘Who is Your Current Supplier’ page, I have to find Tonik on the pretty long list. Only to find it’s actually already pre-selected (but I didn’t know that until I’d scrolled all the way down looking for it). Since Snoop knows it already and has pre-selected it, why is it not at the top of the list, or why am I asked this question at all?

Second observation: I currently pay £64 per month to Tonik for my combined energy (which actually keeps me in credit on my Tonik account) as correctly identified by Snoop. But when I got my Switch results, it tells me that the biggest saving comes from paying £68 per month instead - apparently saving me £23 per month. Not sure how this adds up??

Usability wise, the switching screens were easy to use and navigate, and I liked the ability to go back and change details on the previous screen. It would be additionally helpful to add a ‘per unit’ option on the screen where you enter how much you pay/use in £/kW as my bill does tell me that (eg pence/kW), but Snoop only asks me by week or months or quarters or the year, so I had to work that out from my bills.

A good start but room for improvement here. Thanks!


Reading your post, I thought I’d see what snoop can do for my energy bill. There’s no snoop in my list to switch, I’ve probably closed it in the past, so I couldn’t get to the energy comparison.

There’s no snoop search, I was hoping to search for switch or energy. There’s categories but still couldn’t find a switching snoop. Again, this could be because I’ve dismissed it in the past but if these services are being offered, and I guess they’re revenue generating for snoop, maybe there should be s section of its own for “money saving”.

HI @charlwillis thanks for the feedback and great you’ve been able to have a go at our energy switching service. We will certainly take a look at your usability suggestions (they are great ideas).

Just on your query about the quotes…

If I’ve understood correctly you did the quotes based on the actual usage figures (£/kW) rather than comparing against your Direct Debit amount . Your DD amount will be set by your supplier to cover their expected fees throughout the year - but it’s designed to cover fluctuations for winter etc.

The actual usage cost is a more accurate comparison. The amount of saving should be comparing the exact same amount of usage on your current deal compared to the new one offered. So it shouldn’t be ever getting that wrong.

It does sound a little strange that your DD is lower than the new deal if your current payment amount is keeping you in credit. I can certainly get this checked - would you mind sending me any details from your current supplier about expected annual usage (maybe a photo of the bill? to hello@snoop.app).

Hi @ToBAS we introduced the Energy Switching initially just via a Snoop in your feed, but this will be getting greater prominence and always available in future. This will likely as part of our new ‘regular payment’ feature.

In the meantime, if you’d like me to get the Snoop back on your feed, can you just drop us a line from the ‘Get in touch’ section of the settings screen in the app?

We also want to do Snoop Search in future :wink:

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Thanks @paul_k - I’ll send over a bill and we can dig a bit further. Thanks!

Hi team,

So it’s now time for me to switch my energy deal as I’m now paying too much, so I’ve been looking at the Snoop switching again. I’d done the comparison and gone all the way through to the results, and clicked on the ‘More Details’ button on the first deal. Once I’d read the details, I pressed the back button on my phone (Pixel 3) and it took me back to the Snoop main screen rather than to the switching results page! So I’ve had to go through the entire process all over again, and I’ve now been emailed my results twice. In fact, I wanted to go back and look at another Snoop I’d seen about a particular sustainable energy deal and to do that I had to exit the switching screens, go back to Snoop, then start the switching process all over again. So I now have 3 emails with my results! :woman_facepalming:t2:

Is there any way to take users out of Snoop to go through this switching so that a) we can go back to Snoop separately without having to exit the switching process, and b) the back button (for Android devices) just takes us back to the previous switching screen rather than back to the Snoop main page? I’m already getting frustrated at having to enter my details yet again (even though its only a few screens) and I really don’t want a fourth email…

On a positive note, you’ve changed the energy consumption pages since I first looked at them back in April making it much easier for us, so thank you!

Hey @charlwillis,

thanks for the message. Sorry about the slightly annoying navigation, the Android back button adds a little more complexity that we sometimes don’t get quite right the 1st time! We’ll look into changing the behaviour to take customers back to the previous switching screen, not back to the Snoop app.

We’ll also look into the navigation between the switching journey and Snoop app without having to exit the process (but this one might take us a bit longer).

Thanks again,


Thank you @Ross - much appreciated.


Hi all I’ve been looking at the switching service and currently it tells me the best deal could save me £97 a year, however I’m struggling to see if this saving takes into account the £60 exit fee I would have to pay my current provider (I have put the exact tariff I’m currently on into the system) but I want to be sure I’m saving £97 and not £37 before switching.

Hey @Marty,

The savings we display in our energy switching comparison don’t take into account the early exit fee from your current supplier. While we’d love to be able to include that in the calculation to make the switching decision easier, unfortunately we don’t know the exact terms of the contract that each customer is currently on, when they expire, whether there’s an exit fee, and if so, how much it would be. Hopefully in the future there will be ways for us to work out that kind of information from the data you do provide (or maybe we’ll just ask you!) but for now we don’t yet have those smarts.

Hope you’ve found the rest of the process smooth and that hasn’t put you off doing your switch.

Do let me know if there’s anything else I can help with of course. :blush:

Thanks for clarifying, I just wanted to make sure! The switching tool otherwise is really simple and easy to use, and I know when my exit fees are no longer applicable so I will keep checking back for any better deals.
Many thanks

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