Snoop accuracy

Some of the snoops I get have been helpful, but some relating to spending on things like energy are acting on too little information to be helpful. For instance my energy bill was £135 last month. Snoop says thats high, and it is, but its high because we are a family of 5 powering a large home. I literally switched a week or so ago (and had initiated it before I got snoop) so I already know what I’m paying is about as good as it gets for our usage. The same is true of things like mobile bills, which may be high but without context around the phone I have or the number of tariffs rolled into one bill, its impossible to provide accurate help.

What I’m asking for is a feedback button of some sort beyond the ‘more like this’, ‘less like this’, ‘done this’ options present at the moment so that users can feed back more detail on why a snoop is or isn’t helpful. I dont want to say ‘less like that’ because I see value in the idea, but I want to be able to say ‘this is wrong’ or ‘this is unhelpful because …’

One thing that may help reduce false positives like this is to capture more information about me, family size for instance would help bracket me into energy usage groups and might help the app provide more accurate guidance, and indicating preferences for mobile phones, or even just using that family size to predict costs, would both help provide more accurate snoops

Hi @Paul ,

Thanks for your feedback on this. We really appreciate you sharing this with us as we take all feedback on board and use it to identify ways we can make Snoop even better for our customers.

You’ve raised some great points which we appreciate would help to improve your experience with Snoop. The good news is that we’re already on it - our next release will see our Payment Hub come to life to start to capture this type of information and make future Snoops even more intelligent and relevant to our users.

Thank you again for your comments, and keep an eye out for the next release! :eyes:


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