App UI

When looking at Transactions from the Categories page, the “Email me your thoughts” tab on the bottom of the screen covers the last Transactions on that tab. Is there a way to get rid of it as it covers the bottom 1/8th of the screen without a way to dismiss/minamise it. Also is can it put in so you can manually add Accounts that can be added through the app?

Also move pinned tips to the pinned tab and not have them still on the front of the tips tab.

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Hi @TheMightySwordfish,

Hope you’re having a great evening!

Thanks for your feedback, we’ll look into the Snoop Drawer (our name for the little blue bit at the bottom of the screen) to make sure it doesn’t obscure the view of your transactions.

We’re always looking to add more providers and accounts to Snoop and manually adding accounts is something we’d like to do when we get through our first full set of providers.


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I agree, so if it was a bit like emails you could moved your pinned snoops to the pinned tab at the top, as I think it would make them easier to find, and makes it tidier and the newest snoops would be more prominent easier to keep on top of.


Thanks @Marty - several Snoopers have asked for this change to be made as to your point, you can reserve the main feed for new content and used the pinned tab for those you’ve read and want to keep for later. It’s certainly on our list and we’ll get to this as soon as we can.

Thanks for your comments! Cara