I couldn’t find a topic specifically about these (lots of notification queries buried in other threads) so have just started a new one.

Today I got a notification that there was a Snoop about scams and how to spot them. Normally when I click on these notifications they just take me to the Snoop app and then I need to find what it is I’m looking for, but today it opened up the Snoop directly! Nice!

However the thumbs at the bottom are missing so I couldn’t rate the Snoop? Screenshot attached - that’s scrolled to the bottom. Bug?

Hi @charlwillis we’ve just implemented a new way of linking directly into Snoops from communications outside of the app. So I’m glad you spotted that and it worked as planned :wink:

For this particular purpose we show the Snoop in it’s own pop-up viewer. We’ve deliberately not included some of the actions you see when viewing Snoops in the main feed.

However we accidentally included some text on this particular snoops asking for feedback, forgetting sometimes people will be looking at this outside of the main feed. :see_no_evil:

Sorry about that - we will get that corrected


Thanks @paul_k!

Yes, definitely like the notification linking directly to the Snoop - great improvement!