Shareable Snoops

Hi Team, love this product. If wonder if there could be a “share this snoop” button, whereby one could share any particular snoop with a friend over email/WhatsApp? Might be a good way to spread the word about Snoop, and I’m conscious that a copy/paste of the text when sharing doesn’t always give you guys the credit deserved…


Hey @Mike, we totally agree that this would be a great feature to have - it’s been on our backlog since day 1 and is absolutely our intent. We’re constantly prioritising the new features coming up for development, and there are a lot of others we need to be completed first. But this one will certainly have its day. :blush:

Really appreciate you sharing your thoughts!



I love your work on Snoop and I agree with Mike. If I can share my snoop externally, maybe more people would “enjoy” joining snoop? :smiley:

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Another vote for being able to share Snoops please :raising_hand_woman:t2:

I’d love to be able to share the ‘here’s a great way to share online scam ads’ Snoop which has appeared on my feed today, whilst also always happy to big up Snoop at the same time. It’s a really good and important Snoop which I’d love to share by social media and WhatsApp.

Is that functionality reasonably close or still lower down on the backlog? If it’s close, I’ll pin the Snoop and share when the option appears. Thanks!


thanks @charlwillis - me too! Can’t wait for this feature. :heart_eyes:

It’s still a little way off yet so yes, good idea to pin and then share later. Or I often screen shot the Snoop and send to my friends and family that way.


Yes, I usually screenshot and share but that means they can’t click links, and it’s not a good way to showcase Snoop!

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Agreed - this will be a brilliant feature! thanks


Hi team!

Are we any closer to being able to share Snoops? Today’s Snoop on Covid-scams is brilliant and I’d love to be able to tell everyone I know about it (as well as shout out to Snoop as well of course!)



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Thanks @charlwillis

Sadly not! This is on the backlog but just hasn’t yet had its moment in the sun!

We’ll get to this later in the year I hope.


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Great, thanks @Cara!