Would you be happy to recommend Snoop?

Morning Snoopers. :grin:

Just to update you all – after yesterday’s release, we’ve now invited every single person on our 10,000 strong early access list to join Snoop. A major milestone for us.

If you’ve been with us since the very early days (only 2 months ago!), you’ll know how far we’ve come. Thanks so much for all your help and support in that time.

We’re launching Snoop in the App Stores later this month, but for now Snoop is still only available as an early access Beta.

If you know someone who’d benefit from Snoop, we’d love it if you’d be prepared to tell them about us.

You can find your personalised invite code on the Settings screen (tap ‘Invite Friends to Snoop’ - if you can’t find it, please give me a shout). When you use your code, we’ll make sure your friends get the App straightaway.

Our biggest advocates so far are @dexter, @Andymc13, @M1B2 (who have each recommended multiple people) – thank you so much!

Anyone fancy being able to join their Club? We’ll keep you posted on how you’re doing. :blush:

If you’re enjoying Snoop and want to help us spread the word before we go public, we’d be genuinely grateful. Now more than ever, we want to do our bit to help people save money.

Hope you’re all doing okay in these tough times.

All the best

Paul L