Notification not open the app

Hi guys,

I received a notification from snoop 10 mins ago…
Had some exciting text about a new snoop for me, but once I clicked nothing happens… The app didn’t open.
I open snoop after it and when to the latest snoops but nothing new there…

If I am not mistake this is not the first time.

Not sure how can I provide more info, for the next notification I will record a video of this behaviour. If you can fire up from the server notification for specific user let me know and I can record it.

The snoop I just Found. :grin::star_struck:


Thanks @brunosmm - you use Android don’t you? If so, we have a bug at the moment where push messages are sent but they don’t automatically open the app. We’re investigating the cause at the moment so will get a fix sorted asap.

On your observation about nothing new being in your feed, that’s strange as we’ve just checked your account and you have the best Snoop ever (your one!) at the top of your feed. :blush: Would you mind double-checking and letting us know if you can’t see it? Thanks v much!

Sorry just saw you posted the Snoop after I last responded. Amazing! :heart_eyes:

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