Snoop app status (incidents and maintenance)


If you’re wanting to check out the latest status of the Snoop app (including whether banks we connect to are operational or not), do visit the Snoop status page :point_down::

We’ll be keeping this page up-to-date with all the latest outages and maintenance taking place. :nerd_face:

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Is there a way to subscribe to these alerts?

Hi @Marksummers not at the moment. However, if it’s something customers tell us they would find useful, it’s certainly something we can explore for the future.


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Even if it’s as simple as a twitter account which tweets out the updates would be good, you can subscribe to their tweets then to be notified! :blush:

Thanks @Marksummers - we’ll see what we can do. :blush:

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So when I opened Snoop this evening I got this:

So I updated:

And now Snoop keeps crashing :sob:

I can’t use it! Help!

Oh no @charlwillis! Sorry about that.

Leave it with us - we’ll take a look and get back to you asap.

Hey @charlwillis, we’re going to take a look into why this has happened as it’s the first report we’ve had of this. But could you please try deleting Snoop and re-installing from the play store/signing in again?

Hopefully that will fix the problem for you.

Thanks, Cara

I tried a couple of phone restarts and that extended the time before Snoop closed, but you’re right, uninstalling and then reinstalling and logging in seems to have fixed it. Phew!

If anything, it also just went to show how much I didn’t like not being able to use Snoop! :wink:

Anyway, normal service has now resumed. Thank you!

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