Next Release - Version 3.1 - Tuesday 1st December

Hi everyone

It’s time for another release (amazingly, our 21st feature release of the year :muscle:)

We’ve got some nice improvements ready:

New Features:

  • Refresh your account balances on demand – so you can always get the latest view of your money.
  • See a graph of your month-to-month spend for each of your bills and regular payments (red if it’s up, green if it’s down).
  • Tell us you’ve already switched a service (like your energy or mobile) through Snoop so we can reflect this in your app experience.
  • Pending transactions from your bank will now be reflected in your balance (for certain banks)
  • Give Snoop your address – so we can pre-populate info for you and share any local Snoops that could be useful to you.
  • See a summary of the bills and regular payments you’ve already made and you’ve got coming up on the home screen.
  • The usual mix of fixes – we’ve made a few cosmetic changes and fixed a few small bugs that were bugging us.

As always we will have a small outage at 22:00 on Tuesday to upgrade our systems. New versions of the app will be available in the app stores on Wednesday (2nd).

As always, we hope you love all the upgrades – do let us know what you think?



Hi everyone - this outage is now complete and our platform has been updated.

Android users - a new version of the app should be available to you in Google Play now. This will be app version 3.1.

IOS users - apologies we have a small delay with the new IOS app. This has got held-up in the apple review process longer than we anticipated. We will get this to you asap, as quickly as it’s approved. I’ll post again as soon as it’s available to download from the app store.


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Hi Paul. I’m on Android and I’ve just updated my app to the latest version. Unfortunately, Snoop is telling me it cannot load my Snoops.

Hi @Joe really sorry to hear you had problems here.

Is that error message happening consistently for you and still happens when you log out and on again?


Hi Paul - it’s happening consistently. I’ve tried a few times over the last couple of hours and keeps coming back with the same error message. I’ve forced the app to shut and re-opened it, but that didn’t seem to work.

Ok @Joe we will investigate that one immediately and I’lll come back to you asap. Sorry about that.

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Thanks Paul, much appreciated! It’s no problem, just wanted to let you know in case it was affecting a larger number of users.

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Hi @paul_k I too am having this issue. I have logged in more than once and still have the screen Joe has. It seems to be a bug, please let me know. Might be a good idea to check if others are having the same issues.

Thought of a feature also to register any bugs already in the app, please let me know where.

Thank you.

Joe thanks for reporting it. As I realised it wasn’t just me.

Thank you @heybigsaver - it’s great to get another example as it will help us find it quicker.

We have lot of users already on the new version and this isn’t happening for everyone. However, clearly there is a problem here somewhere, so we are on the case now investigating.

I will update further asap.

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I am on Android v10 btw.

Hi all - the problem mentioned above was not actually related to our release and was caused by a new Snoop with some rogue data !

That explains why only a small number of customers had experienced the problem. It would have impacted any customer who had that particular snoop on their feed.

Sorry about that - all should be working again now.

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All is restored. Thank you Paul.

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