Recover deleted / dismissed Snoops

Because there is no 2nd step in the deletion process asking you to confirm deletion, it’s quite easy to accidentally delete Snoops. I’ve done it several times.

I assume there isn’t a second step because it minimises friction and that’s understandable.

However it would be useful if there was a way to recover recently deleted Snoops. Perhaps a recently deleted sections/list somewhere


Also, I think the main reason I accidentally delete Snoops is because the location of the pin is different on the Snoops card compared to the page for a Snoop. On the page for a specific Snoop the pin is on the top right of the page. But on the list of Snoops (page with Snoop cards) the delete icon is in the top right corner of each card.

I think I often absent-mindedly tap the top right corner of a card expecting the Snoop to be pinned but end up deleting it.

It would be better if the location of the pin was in the top right corner of the card in the list view (consistent with Snoop pages) with the delete button moved to bottom left.


All brilliant points @o99 - once we’re through the immediate roadmap features, the Snoop feed is next up on the list for a makeover! So I’ve shared these comments with the team and we’ll feed them into that design process. Really good spot on the pin and cross switching places… I’m pretty sure I’ve deleted in error as well and bet that’s why.

Appreciate the comments :blush:


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