Snoops not being removed from feed

I’ve liked a number of snoops and then selected “no” when asked if I want to keep it on the feed, however they keep appearing.

From what I can tell, If I mark a snoop as not liked, then it does hide it from the feed.

I reported this here, they are aware:


Hi @james.smith

Really sorry about this bug - it’s been fixed in our next release which is coming to you tomorrow.

See release notes here; New Beta Release (v.1.2.0) + Outage on Tuesday 3rd March


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Hi My snoops are not disappearing after I select done it thanks.

I am having to manually press the cross instead

Hi there,

thanks for getting in touch! The good news is that the sequence you are describing is correct. We wanted to limit dismissing snoops to a single interaction to limit the chance of people accidentally removing them from their feed and therefore the ‘x’ is required in all cases.

We’ll definitely feed your thinking as we refine the interactions over the next few weeks.

Thanks again,