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Hi Snoop team,

I think I’ve mentioned this before but I can’t seem to find my post but this is something I’m feeling increasingly strongly about so I’m posting again.

Do you have on your to-do list a plan to be able to pause switching Snoops, or to remodel the Switch & Save section? As someone who does already switch deals and is pretty savvy about making sure I’m on the latest deals, I’m actually getting a bit fed up by all the switching information, especially when it’s related to a utility or service I only recently switched. I know it’s a revenue stream for you, but even the ability to pause on a particular service would be helpful - eg if I switch something, give me the ability to enter a ‘turn off switching deals relating to this service until xxxxxx’ option. The info will be useful to me again in the future when my current deal ends but right now it’s an irritation as it’s not relevant.

Are there plans afoot for this already?

Many thanks,

Hi Charlotte :wave:

Thanks for getting in touch. Sorry it’s taken a few days for me to get back to you.

You raise a really interesting question - and one we have thinking carefully about.

There is a fine line between nudging someone towards an action that will benefit them - and being repetitive in our messaging. The reality is that many of our customers - unlike you - need multiple nudges to take action. As an example, for broadband - those customers that switch require on average 5 nudges before they make the move. Given this, you can understand why we repeat messaging. Our expectation when building Snoop had been that fewer nudges would be necessary - but that hasn’t always proven to be the case. Ideally of course, we’d develop the product to a point where we would treat customers distinctly based on their engagement and behaviour. We are working on this but we aren’t there yet.

We do give you the chance to switch off Push notifications in Settings for products you are not interested in - but this doesn’t currently affect Snoops or deals (and again, we are working this through).

I do appreciate the feedback though and it is something we will continue to consider. We need to find a way of getting the right balance for everyone.

In the meantime, if you’d like us to hold you out from the targeted switching Snoops in your feed, please drop me a line with your customer ID at

Lovely to hear from you - I hope all is well with you

All the best,
Paul L

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Thanks @PaulL - appreciate your update.