I’ve had Snoop for a while now but only just started to use it regularly and am on the Snoop Plus free trial. It would be good to have video/screen shot tutorials available to cover various aspects of using Snoop eg initial set up, assigning transactions to categories etc. I am learning how to use Snoop by “getting lost” and trial and error at the moment. Is this available or on the to do list for the future?


Hi there @slakin57

Completely understand your point and this is something we’ll certainly take a look at improving.

We do have some ‘how to’ type videos for the current main Snoop product - these are sometimes provided in Snoops and some will be in the Q&As accessible via Settings. But for Plus, we’ll definitely consider how to better explain the steps in using the new features.

Also, always feel free to post any questions here or email us at hello@snoop.app. We’ll be happy to help with any queries you have.

Really appreciate your feedback :slight_smile: