Data Export to Google Sheets (or elsewhere)

I’ve been investigating this as a tool and was considering whether to trial the pay-for version in the hope this would give a download function. I assume from this thread that such a facility does not exist and is not on the development list. That is a real shame since it’s a core part of my annual budgeting and financial review process.


Hi @CandM - no as per Cara’s post above, this is not in our immediate plans. I have shared your feedback as we plan out our longer term roadmap.

A plus one for this one please.

I’ve been looking for this feature because I use snoop to combine my personal accounts with my joint account with my partner - but I need to work out an average for the money only I contribute each month - broken down by categories. (My partner and I split the mortage 30/70 but all other expenses from joint account are shared.) I had hoped snoop would give me an easy way to figure out my share.

Disappointed to find I’m still going to have to do this manually.


Not having the ability to download a CSV file and/or export to Google Sheets is the sole reason I cancelled my Snoop Plus subscription. Snoop is a brilliant app with great features, but the lack of an export option lets it down (and I’d expect the Snoop Plus paid-for version to have such an option).

I have now signed up to Monzo Plus in order to use custom categories and then download CSV files - this costs £5 per month. I would cancel Monzo Plus and come back to Snoop Plus in a flash if exporting features were added.


I made an account just to request this feature as well.

I realize some views and features will become available in the future but you can keep customers from switching to other apps by allowing them to export their data and create all the missing views themselves.
Often when people download budget management apps/tools os to solve an immediate(ish) problem and we don’t have months and years to wait.
Or they may just have a burst of motivation to be more organised which can lead to a pretty big bounce rate when the tools don’t meet their requirements.

I really like snoop for many reasons but the features are still very limited in terms of trend analysis and visualisation.

I found a few other apps that provide api connections to Google sheets so even though I like the snoop app better I may switch.

I don’t know about top 5 views because this goes beyond views, I would set up a version in sheets that would allow me more sorting and filtering options. More visualisation and data trends.

I also have a Monzo account and the plus option allows data connections, so I may just use my Monzo card for all transactions moving forward if snoop doesn’t add this feature.
Monzo also pulls in other accounts but doesn’t export the data from other accounts in as much detail which is the only let down.
Data exports are an absolute must for me to continue my subscription at snoop

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Thanks for the feedback @Innovation_ideas - I’ve shared it with our team.

We are not working on data export, but it remains on our list for the future.


I’m curious, what is being worked on that is considered more useful than a data export mechanism? The reason I ask is that since I have been paying for Snoop, I have seen nothing added that has been of any interest or added value from my perspective. I’ve seen the message that you are interested in implementing this but that it is not in your immediate plans, quite a few times here. This was first raised 3 years ago.

You keep our data in a database. If you were to look into the Open Data Protocol ( you could open the door for your more technical users to get access to their data and maybe even contribute content to help you expose this ability to less technical users.

From my perspective, this app could be really useful. The “this is interesting, I’ll give it a go” period has worn off for me. Now I have the app ticking over in the background and I’ll glance at it occasionally to see if anything has changed. When I do, I see that the data is nearly correct, but with glaring errors. Can I fix these? Probably if I spent days searching through the reports you offer with a pen and pencil to note down anomalies. If I could export the data I could write some code to do this in a few hours. Then I could go through the set up and try to fix the issues …although the user interface would make this an incredibly mundane process (another high profile issue with usability).

The ONLY thing that this app offers me is that it collects all of my banking data into one location and adds metadata. This would be immensely useful if I could access it. But at the moment this is like having a locked glass toy box with some awesome toys inside, being told that we may get a key eventually. Why would I keep paying for the privilege to be taunted by seeing the toys are inches away, but never seeing any evidence that I’ll actually get to play with them? That is your customer base right now. Please sort this. It’s starting to feel like a Kickstarter pledge that is never going to be delivered.


Hey @Rilhia - hope you’re having a great bank holiday weekend!

Thanks for your comments and feedback! Managing the product backlog is a delicate task and we’re always looking to prioritise experiences that bring the most value to as many of our customers as possible (and we know sometime this causes frustration for customers who have a specific needs they want Snoop to help with). Rest assured we’re looking into some kind of data export experience to support our customers who have requested it.

We’re not in a position to give specific timelines but based on our current roadmap we hope to have it in by the end of the year at the latest. However, I just want to reiterate that this isn’t a promise as our roadmap is constantly under review vs our business and customer imperatives.

I know this probably isn’t the definitive answer you were hoping for but I hope it helps.

Also, if you’d like to give feedback about any of the other experiences in the app then please let me know and we can set up a call - I’d love to understand how we can make the overall experience better for you (in addition to the data export stuff).

Just drop me a line at and we can set something up.

Thanks again for your support,

Chief Product Officer

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I have to add my support to to the request for a Data Export feature.

I registered today due to Money Dashboard announcing its closure and recommending Snoop, I’ve registered and played with the app and the first thing that I identified is no way to extract the data.

Its a shame about MDB but there are alternatives out there and I’m going to continue looking for one which supports data portability.


Thanks for your feedback @Robin, and for giving Snoop a try.

As Ross explains above, this is a feature we’re really keen on. We can’t give a timeline for it yet but please do check back in future as we will get to this for sure.


Hi there !
Another vote for the export data feature.
The reason why I need it is because my partner and I use snoop to centralise all our accounts and we need a way to tag expenses that are “common” like the bills ("bills should be a category by the way) and then split the amount to see how much I owe her (or she owes me) once every month or two.
Snoop is a great app, thanks for your amazing work and thank you for taking the time to post answers on this forum!
Wish everyone a good day :blush:


thanks @Antoine - this makes total sense.

Vote logged and shared with the team :slightly_smiling_face:

We really appreciate you sharing your feedback.


Ditto to all the previous comments - another vote for data export feature as soon as possible please.

I’m another Money Dashboard (MDB) user who’s investigating alternatives before they close at the end of October 23 and came to have a look at their recommendation.

This capability is essential, I’m even willing to pay for Snoop Plus if necessary.

The clock’s ticking Snoop, you’ve had this on your radar from the first post in this thread over 3 years ago, now’s the time to deliver as you’ve got a large number of former MDB users who are looking for a home.


Hi @Billy - understood. We do intend to start work on this soon.

To explain though - we get feedback from lots of different sources and we track every single comment (positive or negative) and we look for trends. We prioritise based on this feedback plus a range of other factors. Exporting transactions does occasionally come-up (as per this thread), but it certainly hasn’t been in the top things we’ve regularly been asked for in our first three years and therefore has never reached the top of our priority list.

The requests for this have certainly increased this week though :blush: We understand many MoneyDashboard users found this feature very helpful and we will look to deliver something on this soon



Hi @paul_k,

I’m in the same situation as @Billy.

I would like to migrate to Snoop from MD and created and account couple of days ago, but lack of export is a big “no-no”. If this is a premium feature, that’s fine as long as it exits.

I understand this is more of a power user feature but it’s not really a complex development to create an export to a CSV file, so I hope we see that soon.

Thanks, in advance.



Upvote for me on this request.
Also potentially coming from MD and this is crucial for me.


Add another vote for data download from me please. I’m another user migrating from Money Dashboard and am very pleased with what’s currently available in Snoop. You have done a great job on this app so far :+1:

Like some other users have indicated, I’d be happy to pay for a data download feature via Snoop plus if it were made available that way.

Speaking as a former UI expert, you’ll never meet all your users’ needs by simply developing a limited number of fixed views on their data. For users who are a little bit tech-savvy you need to provide raw data and let them construct their own views / reports … which most people will do using Excel.

I look forward to seeing some progress on this topic!


…and another vote from a soon to be ex-MDB user. I’ll use Snoop when there is a download capability, but not until then.


Me too for this! Even on the laptop I can see only, what, 4 or 5 transactions at once. I’d like to be able to see a month’s transactions and manipulate that, which would be easiest to do in Excel. The CSV export was a very useful feature in Money Dashboard and it’s almost unbelievable Snoop doesn’t have it. Please consider adding, as this gap is going to be a deal-breaker for lots of people who would otherwise switch to Snoop.


Another +1 for this feature please, especially Google sheets or API access. Happy to pay for it in the premium tier if needed!

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