Any tips of seeing annual spend?

Recently I had a dental bill. It’s a one off occurrence so blew my “health” category budget for the month. I was looking for an easy way of seeing if it massively impacted my annual spend in this category but realised the only automated visual of this is in the edit function for the bills and that’s only a 3 month average. Which obviously this spend would also over inflate massively.

There isn’t as far as I’m aware a way of looking at an annual average spend anywhere which somewhat inhibits my ability to track spending at this level.

Does anyone have any tips on how to do this?

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On the paid vesion you can do a spending report for any period, it then shows total category spending for each category, and you can then drill fown to see transactions

It also shows you the average over a Day, week and month

On the free version you can create a few custom reports under spending. Sadly there is no rolling 12 month option, but you can input a specific date. E.g. 1/1/2023, then divide by 12, or 13 next month, etc.

Hey @Kc4tea. The way to view annual spend is the method @Quiddity suggested (Thank you!). If you open the Snoop app, navigate to the ‘Your spending’ section then scroll to the bottom, you’ll see the option to ‘Create custom spending report’. When creating one of these reports, you’ll be able to choose a custom time frame to view your transactions - in addition to choose which of your account’s expenditure is included in the report. For what you’re after, you can select ‘Year to date’ and this will produce the report.

On the free version of Snoop, you’re only able to create three of these reports. However, with Snoop Plus, you can create unlimited.

I hope this helps? :smiling_face:

Hi both thanks for that info. I have the paid version but find it clunky to go into the custom report function each time.

It’s a shame the paid version doesn’t also allow for that info on upfront charts of spend. Snoop seemed like a really good replacement for Monday dashboard originally but as my spend analysis is more important for me on an annual spend basis it’s becoming a lot less useful as time goes on.

I dont think I’ll renew my subscription next year and start exploring other options as none of my ideas on this forum seem to be high on the development agenda.

Thanks for your help

Yes it is clunky. Wish it was possible to set up a custom report once, and have Snoop remember it.
Let ke know if you find a better APP, I couldnt find anything better.