Annual budgets

Hello, for some categories of spend it is easier to budget annually than monthly, for example holiday budget since I don’t go on holiday every month (unfortunately) and potentially things like car expenses (MOT, service, insurance) and council tax.

Is this possible to set so that I can see how much left I have to spend for the year?


Or rolling budgets. There are a few threads here that suggest it. Is there any plan to consider this soon?



Thanks for the suggestions - yes we’ve had a few customers suggest annual / rolling budgets.

This isn’t being worked on yet, but we are certainly tracking the feedback to understand how many people would find this useful in future.


I’d appreciate a way to roll forward major expenditure such as this, too. For example, recent major refurbishments, future holidays etc. thank you.


Totally agree with this suggestion, a rolling budget v spend would be good -
However, I am wondering if simply displaying/toggling the budget v send as month or 3 months or 12 months. A lot of monthly spending falls across month ends like a big shop in one month followed by a low spend next. So even regular-ish spending like groceries can be looked at on 3 month and 12-month basis.
As this is simply a grouping process for the data and so I guess a relatively simple change.
I would be happy to see a 3 or 12-month spend shown against the current monthly budget multipled by 3 or 12.


I would like annual budget categories. I find some annual things mess up my monthly budget which is annoying when I am looking back to compare previous month’s spends


Perhaps having customisable recurring budget times would be good?
I have some payments that go out every three weeks, one that goes out every six weeks, and one that goes out every 3 months. I can’t add them to my budget accordingly.

Hi @Emmy23 - we don’t support bill tracking for every three weeks or 6 weeks. We’d recommend you set those up as ‘Irregular’ bills and our AI will track every payment to that merchant regardless of when it happens. It will forecast the next day based on an the average gap between payments in the past.

We do support quarterly bills though (every 3 months). Our AI should spot that pattern automatically if you’ve had at least 3 payments. If it’s a new bill you can setup this manually and pick the quarterly option.

Drop us a line if you need any help with any of this?


Hi, I have been using the app for a few months now and finding it useful. However, not being able to set annual budgets for holidays, one off annual payments like car insurance etc really messes up the ability to budget accurately. It would be great if this could be incorporated into the app.



Hi @Lilydog - thank you for the feedback and supporting the request of an annual budget.

This certainly helps us to understand the level of demand for such a feature - please keep the feedback and suggestions coming!

All the best,

Add my vote. I find setting budgets pointless, as my budgets are mainly for a financial year. Such as holidays, house improvements, one off payments for insurance, dentist, opticians etc. The only budget wich works monthly is groceries.

I’d like the annual budget option too please, it’d be really useful.

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