Rolling budget - feature suggestion

I would like to be able to save up for shopping.
But shopping is not one specific item for me usually, more of a continuous and uneven stream of stuff I “need” to buy. So what I need instead of a fixed sum goal is to rather spread out my shopping so that the monthly (or weekly or whatever) average is the one that stays below a certain limit.
Meaning that if in one month I spend below the set limit, I should be able to use whatever I didn’t spend (“saved”) in subsequent months. Conversely, if I overspend one month, I’d like the budget to be reduced in subsequent months, curtailing my excessive shopping behaviour.
This would be a healthy incentive I believe. Rigid budgets that get reset every month become easy to ignore over time. But knowing that they accrue, as a reward for my prudent and thrifty behaviour helps me wait a bit. Waiting a bit is the best antidote for impulse buying. Furthermore, once I develop the habit of sticking to this new carry over budget, I will have a piece of mind knowing, that the average is protected and I will worry less about buying stuff.
I imagine whenever I set up a budget on a category, I’d like the option to make it either rolling or non-rolling. When I modify the budget, I’d like the option to keep or wipe the balance.
I would buy the Plus subscription for such a feature.

Thanks @gabor.biro - I’ve shared your feedback with our team.

We’ve had other people mention they would find annual or rolling budgets helpful, so it’s certainly something we will think about in future as we plan out further enhancements.


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@paul_k any update on this feature? I am currently testing out a number of budgeting apps and this is a requirement for me. It’s the only thing I want that Snoop doesn’t yet do :frowning:

Hi @sphinx - sorry this isn’t something we are working on right now and therefore won’t be something that gets introduced in the near future.

Certainly it’s on our longer list of features for the future but I can’t give any timeline on that I’m afraid.