New Personalised Budgets

Hi everyone, this evening we’ve started rolling out our latest app release (version 6.3) which contains our exciting new personalised budget feature.

Initially this is available on Android. The iOS version is coming very soon and before the end of the month.

We’d love to hear what you think once you’ve had a play?

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I’ve just updated the app but can’t see anything new. I can see its version 6.3.0 i have. :woman_shrugging:

I see it now! :see_no_evil:

Looks great from first looks! Exactly what i was wanting!


Only problem I have with this tool is including one-off payments like Christmas and Holiday(s).

Could have an option to include some transactions as yearly costs, and are divided by 12 to be included in each months budget for year.


Hi, I like the new budget feature but why has my spending graph changed?

Hey @JPN - thanks for the feedback and glad you’re finding the budgeting feature useful. You can still access the line graph that compares your spending to the previous month on the ‘your spending’ tab at the top of the budget screen - is that what you’re looking for?

Hey @MomentoMan - thanks for the feedback! Would you mind elaborating on exactly how you’d like one-off payments to be incorporated into the budgeting experience?

Great! Let us know if you’ve got any feedback on it.

Yes I can see that but the figures are wildly different than they were before I set up budgeting

Ah - sorry for the misunderstanding. Sounds strange, the numbers shouldn’t have changed. If you drop us an email at we’ll look into it for you. thanks!

Support mentioned this to me a week or two ago as I was looking for this functionality. I got the update and saw a banner showing it but I was busy at the time. Now I can’t seem to find anything about it anywhere. There’s nothing in the FAQs either

Hey @Fozzie_17 , what functionality are you looking for? If it’s budgeting then you just need to navigate via the tab at the top of the spend analysis section. Let me know if you have anymore questions / feedback. Ross

Just tried this on iOS and I think it’s brilliant!

Couple of initial suggestions:
-It would be useful to overlay the current budget to previous months
-after selecting a category it’s good that we can see the transactions from the month in that category and be able to recategorise them, but this would be really useful for previous months too.

App is great, now just need the ability to export :wink:

Thanks for the great feedback @Nickh

Glad to hear you think it’s a useful addition to the app.

Hi Paul,

Thanks for rolling out this budgeting feature. What I would find helpful is for categories to have the ability to have sub-categories. For example:

Shopping could have many sub-categories underneath it i.e clothes, tech etc.

This would really help the budgeting feature if I wanted to follow the 50/30/20 rule!


Thanks @Am3012 - yes we understand how sub-categories would be useful and it’s certainly on our longer term list. I’ve certainly shared your feedback with our team.

Thanks for letting us know

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Was looking for best way to message about the new budgeting feature and found the forum. I’d completely forgotten it existed!

I would second what was said earlier about one off expenses. This month I have renewed my car insurance, wheelchair insurance and power add-on (for the wheelchair) insurance. Expensive month! Of course it’s now telling me I’ve completely blown my budget, but these are annual expenses. Is there no way to divide those sorts of payments so they get equally deposited across each month, budget wise? I personally feel that’s better than adjusting budgets on a monthly basis as you need to plan for these expenses all yeah as best you can.

I was also looking for advice as to where people think it’s best to categorise things like insurance please? Previously I’ve put them with the categories of what they’re for so it’s easier to track things like running costs of my car. Wheelchair stuff in the health/beauty section & so on & so forth. The app has recategorised these transactions as finances this time round & I wonder if people think that’s better? Or if there are any advantages/disadvantages to either method I may have overlooked?

Generally absolutely loving that you’ve incorporated a budgeting feature! It’s something I’ve been meaning to set up for a while and just not got round to it at all. Having it in an app I already use has kicked me up the bum!

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Understood @Scarag7 - I’ve passed on the feedback about annual expenses / rolling budgets to our team.

With regards categorisation - our experience is that this is certainly a personal choice and there is no right or wrong way. That’s one of the reasons our ‘custom categories’ are so popular as it helps people track things in a way that best works for them. For example we don’t have a generic ‘bills’ category (because we think a ‘bill’ could be for a range of different things)… however some people prefer certain commitments to be tracked all together in one bills category.

For things like Insurance - our default category for payments will be the finances category. However, it’s very easy to change this to one of our other standard categories or to a custom one if you prefer to think of your spending in that way. If you select the option to ‘change all transactions for this merchant’, it means any future payments with that insurance provider will use the category you’ve just selected rather than our default. So you don’t need to change the category each time we see a new transaction.


Thanks very much for your input, & for getting back to me so quickly, Paul. To be honest I thought I previously had assigned these insurance payments, breakdown cover etc to specific categories & selected for all future transactions to be assigned as well, but perhaps I didn’t. It does take a while to get to grips with things when you’re first setting up an app like this and it may have been I missed that bit out! A few things do seem to be reappearing in strange places that I’m certain I had reassigned already after the recent updates though. All just small tweaks to make but it is odd!

I really appreciate you input on it being personal preference. Sometimes when things are set up a particular way as default I think there must be a very good reason why!

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New to Snoop, user for just 2 days.

It would be great to be able to have an annual budget as well as a monthly budget. I try to set my self a limit for say holidays, but can’t just divide it by 12 and add ad a monthly budget.

I like the customising for spending periods, like Year to Date. What I would prefer is to be able to chose the last 12 months. So if it is the 6th October 23, then it would show spend from 7th October 22 - 6th October 23.