Custom Reports

Great money management tool, guys, so thanks for that.

Custom spend reports are great budgeting devices but the most useful for me would be:

Last 12 months
YTD from a set date eg. beginning of tax year, without the neccessity to scroll through calendars.

Any chance of storing one or two custom report formats?

The ability to add custom categories to spend is also really useful, but the ability to hide/unhide unused categories would speed up and simplify adding new accounts and monitoring new spend/new vendors.

I only use 10 categories routinely, but occasionally unbundle transactions temporarily to a new category to monitor costs on an as needed basis, and then reclassify them in the ‘old’ category when I have a handle on them.




Hi Colin,

These are great suggestions - thanks for taking time out to share your thoughts.

Totally agree on the saved spend report formats. That would help me personally too. And your point on custom categories is a really interesting one.

We’ll chat about these as a team and will certainly consider them as we further build out Snoop’s money management feature set.

Appreciate your feedback and hope you have a lovely day :slight_smile:


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