Saving custom reports?

Hello, is there a way to save custom reports? I seem to have to reset them up individually each time which I am finding complex. For example, I would like an annual report on holiday spend and a rolling report on my house refurbishment. Anyone have any tips on how to look at these?

Thats what I need as well.

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Hi @Kc4tea - I’m afraid we don’t have anyway to save the custom report setup right now. However, just to check in case this alternative method might help…

For your house refurbishment, if you are using a custom category for this you can use one of the standard views in the ‘Your Spending’ screen. This would give you a summary of all transactions that are in that category regardless of which month these happened. To find this - use the date selector at the top of the screen and scroll to the right where you see the ‘custom’ date option. When you go there, this will default to the ‘all time’ summary, where you can see all your categories including the custom one. You will get the total and then you can tap into it as normal to see the transaction breakdown.

If you found that method quicker - you can setup custom categories for each holiday with the name/year for example and then you can quickly see all spending here without having to create the reports each time.

Finally in the near future we will be launching a data export feature which you may find useful too.


Hi Paul

Thanks for those tips. They sort of help. But I think the problem is I can either see the month by month breakdown. Or the total spend. Or the budget which doesn’t allow me to identify historic transactions if there wasn’t. A budget spent on that month. I’m also unable to see any of this charted. It would be useful for me to know if my total spend was a proportion of my income. Or relative to other categories.

Basically I like bar charts to understand my information.

I’ll keep playing around with it all and hope for a dynamic chart to develop at some point.

Many thanks

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Hello, I wonder is there anyway of making sure excluded categories don’t show up in the custom reports? I find the % of total really useful but the % seem skewed as categories exclude in the monthly reports seem to be included in the custom reports function.

Hi @Kc4tea it should be doing that already.

Basically any category that is marked to be excluded from spend analysis should not be counted in your spending on the report. They should appear at the bottom of the report like this test I’ve just done:

If that’s not happening for you, can you drop us a line from the app so I can get that investigated?