Payday Adjustment?

Hi guys.
New to snoop. So far appears to be good. I have a question though.

Is it possible to adjust the monthly “window”?

Me and my partner get paid on the 25th of each month and when calculating outgoings vs incoming the numbers are skewed.

Currently months apear to be set from 1st to 1st… is there a setting to change it to 25th to 25th?

Thank Rich

Hi @Rich - welcome to Snoop :wave:

We don’t have this feature yet, but it’s certainly in our plans for this year. Look out for news in the next few months about a whole range of improvements we have in mind. Custom pay cycles will be one of them.

We hope you enjoy using Snoop in the meantime.


Hi Paul can I add my life insurance premiums to the payment hub even though I my first direct debit hasn’t come out yet… It’s due anytime after 19 of every month. Also 16 pound a month

OK Paul thanks

Hi @Emsley

The payment hub feature needs to see the payment before it can appear in your list. If this is a Direct Debit, as soon as the first payment has been seen it will appear in your list and can be added to a card.

For other payment methods (like card payments for example) we need to see a pattern of 3 payments first. This is to avoid us reporting all sorts of adhoc spending as ‘regular’. Obviously DDs are by design always for ‘regular’ payments.

Hope that makes sense?

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Thanks paul

Yes I understand now Paul thanks