Let us change the monthly dates to pay day

It’s great to see what’s coming out each month but I get paid on the 17th so it would be really helpful for me instead of seeing what’s coming out starting from the 1st of the month to be able to change that to the 17th - so I can see what’s due out before my next pay day to help me manage my finances better.


Hi @MissusO - this one is certainly on our roadmap

See how we describe ‘Personalised Pay Cycle’ here:


That’s great news! Thanks :slight_smile:

Is there an actual date for this update as I raised the same thing in February?


Hi @Jay - it’s going to happen but we’re getting a few other features away first, such as custom spend categories (which is the next one up on the Beta). Plus we constantly re-prioritise based on customer feedback so there’s a lot of fluidity in plans. But we’re really hoping this will be done by end Summer.



Any update on the personalise pay cycle? I know there are many of us on here who have been asking for this one from the beginning! I see this and the Payday predictor are top of the Coming Soon list, but is that soon getting any closer??

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Hi @charlwillis our focus in recent weeks as been on getting the new design with all the new features that were in Beta finished off and rolled out to all users.

We are now turning to the next few features on our roadmap. First will come a new alerts feature and different ways of managing notifications. After that we will be tackling personalised payday - which as you can imagine is quite a big change as it impacts a number of places and features in the app.

We don’t have firm dates yet, but it’s certainly getting closer and we will update like we normally do when it’s ready.


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Finallyyyyyy! Very excited to see the monthly payday to payday feature making an appearance as part of the new Snoop Plus beta. I’m hesitant that there are plans to start charging next year for these types of features, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

Anyway, will put the beta through its paces and see for myself! Can’t wait!

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Morning @charlwillis - we’re really excited to be rolling out the new features as part of the Snoop Plus Free trial between now and the end of the year!

We’ll be expanding the free trial as more features are ready and just to reassure everyone, there will always be a free version of Snoop to help you stay in control of all things bills and money!

Can’t wait to hear your feedback.


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