Paycycle query

New to Snoop, so bear with me :slightly_smiling_face:

My payday is 28th of each month (bought forward if on a non working day)

So for example this month today is payday (thank god)

The current paycycle reflects this.

However , if I try to view the next cycle it doesnt include my payday (which WILL fall on the 28th)

Is this by design , or is it an “issue”?


So, think Ive identified the issue

Current Paycycle is October 27 to November 27
Next Paycycle is showing as 1 November to 30 November (with no mention of my next PayDay on 28th)

I have paid for SnoopPlus so this should not be an issue

Hi @DaP apologies you’ve had this issue.

You have found a logic bug in our code that we will be fixing next week. It can only happen:

  • If today is your payday
  • If that is due to your regular payday falling on a non-working day

This is causing our ‘next period’ data to revert back to calendar month (rather than using your pay cycle) in error.

We are fixing this bug so it won’t happen in future months, but this problem also won’t appear after the 28th of this month for you.


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Brilliant, many thsnks for the quick response