Custom Paycycle


I was wondering if it was possible/will it ever be possible for custom pay cycle dates? I love the feature, but I’m having an issue with the current month as sometimes I get paid a day before than expected, and my paycheck isn’t included in the pay cycle. With this month, for example, because the dates are weird because it’s Christmas, I got paid today and would have liked my cycle to have ended yesterday and started today. Not a necessity, but just a quality of life fix.

I hope that makes sense!

Hi dswizzle,

Thank you for getting in touch.

I have passed your feedback to our team to see if this is something we can utilise in future updates of Snoop. We do continuously update the app and try and make it as customer focused as possible. The feedback we get definitely helps us to do this. Hopefully this is a feature we can incorporate in the future.

All the best,