Editing transaction dates or splitting transactions?

When I pay for a group meal or have an online order with a partial return, I’m always a bit frustrated when repayments/refunds cross budget months, because my spending is higher than it actually is.

Is there a way to split transactions so I can manually exclude parts that I expect to be refunded from my spending, or edit transaction dates so I can reconcile partial refunds in the same budget months as payments?

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Hi @kzh - sorry we don’t have the ability to split a transaction and we currently use the date your bank provides in all cases.

I’ve certainly shared the feedback with the rest of the team, but not something we have on the immediate horizon I’m afraid.


Hi @paul_k, many thanks! This is the only feature that Emma is better than Snoop at. I briefly tried out Emma Pro again and found splitting transactions across categories and changing transaction dates delightful for reconciling purchases & refunds/Splitwise reimbursements split across different budget months. Unfortunately for Emma, its home screen doesn’t provide information as well as Snoop, which is why I’ve switched back to Snoop.