Linking split payments with repayments


Apologies if this has been discussed previously, am quite new to the forum.

One thing I think would be useful would be a feature to handle the case where I pay for something for a group, and then my friends repay me via bank transfer. This is something that I do quite a lot and I think being able to do this would make the spending tracking more accurate. Right now I just move the repayments into the same category which would relatively well, but it would be good to be able to link the transactions together to see if you’ve been repaid - I suppose quite similar to the track refunds feature, except it’s not a refund.

What do you think?

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Hi @Willjesuis - currently we don’t have the ability to split a transaction as you have mentioned.

I’ve certainly shared the feedback with the development team, but it is not something we have on the immediate horizon I’m afraid.


I would also appreciate the ability to split transactions like many other personal finance apps

I would find this feature invaluable too. I have to create actual transactions between accounts, back and forth, in order to get my budget right.

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