Support for transaction comments

I often see transactions whose descriptions on my statements are cryptic (eBay, PayPal), hard to remember (is that the name of a restaurant?), or complicated (an erroneous charge or credit to refund it).

A pet peeve in my banking app is not being able to add a comment to a transaction to help with reconciling, checking, searching, explaining it. Ideally the first 20ish characters of my comment could appear below the transaction description in the middle of the transaction list, so I don’t have to open the transaction detail to keep checking.

If Snoop would let me do that then I think I’d use Snoop more than my banking app (a win for me and a win for Snoop).


Like this:

vs this:

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Hey @SteveL - thanks again for the feedback!

we’re doing some thinking about how we can enhance the money management experience within the app and notes / tags on specific transactions are definitely part of that thinking.

We’ll add your feedback into the design process.

Thanks again,


Thanks. Since I wrote my suggestion I did some searching and found that Emma supports adding notes. In my view that’s a killer feature - not only does it provide functionality that’s useful, but it’s functionality that’s not available in most bank apps (big mistake in my view) meaning that an app that supports it will steal user time, AND it makes the app that supports it sticky: having spent time commenting transactions, moving to another app becomes painful - much more so than categorisation because it cannot be automated.