Add a "wallet" or "Purse"

Okay, it is possibly that it’s only me who thinks like this but here goes…

I’m really enjoying the information flow from Snoop and it is making life so much easier in tracking what and when things happen within my megre financial world. Snoop has actually inpsired me to be better at all this.

What I find now is that if i withdraw cash from an ATM i have no way of recording what that got spent on inside the Snoop app. Could there be an “offline” account that is auto-loaded with cash withdrawals from selected bank accounts and offers me a place in the app to update info as to where i spend said monies?

it would be better than having Snoop and then switching to a spreadsheet to track cash.

Forgive me if this is a feature already and i just can’t see it!!

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Thanks so much for your kind words about Snoop @FletchtheSnooper! As for your comment regarding cash withdrawals with offline accounts, that’s a great suggestion and we’ll certainly take it on board!

It’s worth mentioning that you can add notes to transactions, so for each ATM withdrawal you could add a note with what you spent the cash on. This note will then show as part of the transaction in the ‘All transactions’ view.