"Unmixing" merchant and category

To the left of every transaction in the account list I see either a spend category icon :+1:, or a brand icon :crazy_face: (wrongly matched in at least one case :cry:) associated with the merchant name in the middle.

The merchant icon is nice UI fluff, … but at the expense of hiding the spend categories? In a list it’s helpful to see like data together in the same column.

Is there a way to suppress or shrink (alongside the merchant name in the middle) the merchant icon so that the left hand column consistently shows the spend category?


+1 for this. It’s familiar to see the brand logo when I scan my eye down the list of transactions but I’d rather see a consistent list of category icons as they’re the ones I so often have to change.

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I noticed that when viewing a spend category (e.g. Groceries), the left column is the same as when viewing an account: sometimes a merchant icon, sometimes a spend category icon. When viewing a spend category the spend category icon is redundant.

Like this:

vs this:

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Hi both,

thanks for the feedback (and for the beautiful designs @SteveL) :slight_smile:

have an amazing bank holiday weekend and happy Snooping!